Opening a Business

What Do I Need to Know About Opening a Business in Mount Kisco?

There are several things to consider when deciding to start a new business in Mount Kisco. Since each scenario is different, we recommend that you call or stop by the Building Department and schedule an appointment with the Building Inspector to discuss your plans. Consider the following when developing your plan:

Location -  is your proposed business permitted at the designated location?

The Village/Town of Mount Kisco is separated into different zoning districts that have varying types of permitted uses and special permit uses for each zone. You will want to make sure that what you want to do is permissible in the location you have found for your potential business. If you know the zoning district, click here to see the zoning regulations for the zoning district. If you aren’t sure what zoning district the location is in, please contact the Building Department for assistance at 914-864-0019 or

Permits – what type of permits will I need to file?

  • Building Permit – if you are doing any construction or renovating the space you are renting, you will likely need a building permit.
  • Plumbing Permit – if you are installing new plumbing, your Westchester County licensed plumber will have to file for a plumbing permit.
  • Westchester County Department of Health – if you are opening a food establishment, you will need approval and signoff of your plans and inspections of the space from the Westchester County Department of Health.
  • Electrical Permit – The Village/Town of Mount Kisco does not issue electrical permits. Your Westchester County licensed electrician will file directly with a third party Electrical Inspection firm to have the electrical work inspected.

Click here to access the downloadable applications and instructions. If you’re not sure if the work you are doing requires a permit, please contact the Building Department for assistance at 914-864-0019 or

Boards – will I have to get approval from any Village Boards like Planning, Zoning or Architectural Review?

  • Planning Board – if you need a change of use or special use permit or you are making a change to an approved site plan.
  • Zoning Board of Appeals – if you need to obtain a variance because some aspect of your application does not comply with Village zoning.
  • Architectural Review Board – if you are changing the outside of your building or need signage approval.

To determine this for sure, please contact the Building Department at 914-864-0019 or  with your questions or to set up an appointment with the Building Inspector.

You should come prepared to discuss your business plan:

  • Hours of operation
  • Number of Employees
  • Description of the type of business you are opening and who you  are targeting for your client base
  • Description of changes you’d like to make to the space, if any

Signs – do I need a permit to put up a sign?

  • Temporary sign – you will need a permit to put up a temporary sign with your business name. This permit is valid for 45 days and can be extended another 30 days while your are seeking approval for a permanent sign.
  • Window signage – you do not need a permit to add signage to your store windows; you can cover only up to 25% of your windows with lettering or signage. Each business in Mount Kisco can also have an illuminated “open” sign up to 12” x 18”. A permit is not required for an illuminated open sign.
  • Grand Opening sign – you will need a temporary sign permit to display a Grand Opening sign for 30 days when you open your business
  • Permanent sign – you will need a permit to display your permanent business sign.

Mount Kisco has a comprehensive sign law that was adopted in 2008. There are regulations pertaining to exterior signage, window signage, temporary signs and Grand Opening signs. Depending on your location, there may already be an established sign package which sets the parameters for a business, or your landlord may need to establish a sign package for your building before you can apply for a sign. You may have to appear before the Architectural Review Board to get approval for your sign.

Click here to see the Village's sign regulations. If you have questions on how to proceed or to verify information about your specific business location, please contact the Building Department at 914-864-0019 or

Business Certification License – how do I get a business license?

The Village/Town of Mount Kisco does not provide business certification licenses. Please check with the Westchester County Clerk’s Office at 914-995-3080 or (click on Legal Division and then click on Starting a Business.)