Firefighter's Parade

On Friday, July 8th, the Village hosts its annual Fire Department Parade downtown from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Attendees are encouraged to arrive before 6:00 pm to avoid delays. Roads will close at approximately 6:30 pm.
Route: Kicks off at Main Street and Moore Avenue, traveling north on Main to South Moger Avenue, and terminating at Green St.

Road Closures (6:30 pm until 8:30 pm): (1) Main Street from the Northern Westchester Hospital, past Jeff Feigel Square up to the Maple Avenue/Kisco Avenue Intersection. (2) South Moger Avenue from Main Street to the Lexington Avenue/Lieto Drive Intersection. (3) Moore Avenue, Smith Avenue, Gregory Avenue, Hyatt Avenue, Dakin Avenue and Green Street closed to through traffic.

Municipal Parking: The North and South Moger lots will be accessible via W. Main Street coming from the West only. All vehicles will be stopped at the intersection of W. Main Street and Maple Ave./Kisco Ave. Only cars intending to park in the either the North or South Moger lots will be permitted to go through the intersection. All cars that park in either of the Moger lots who wish to exit before 8:30 pm must do so via the south end of the South Moger lot, taking Britton Lane to Stewart Place to Gatto Drive and traveling south on Lexington Avenue only.

Blackeby: all of the interior spaces will be closed beginning 11:59 pm Thursday, July 7th. All of the exterior spaces will be closed beginning 4:00 pm on Friday, July 8th. The lot is expected to be re-opened by open of business on Saturday, July 9th.

Main Street and Shoppers Park Visitors: The Village Hall employee parking lot is available after 4:30 pm on Friday for those wishing to visit the businesses on Main Street. Keep in mind that during the parade – from approximately 6:15 pm until 8:30 pm, the only way in and out of the Shoppers Park and Village Hall area will be at the intersection of Main Street and North Bedford Road. Entry and exit times during the parade may encounter very significant delays. Visitors not wishing to risk these delays are encouraged to park in the South Moger lot and walk to Main Street.