COVID-19 Updates

11/6/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 update
Text from Friday night phone message:

Across the United States we are seeing record numbers of COVID cases. The 7 day average positivity rate in Westchester is 2.2% The increasing cases are coming closer to home. Today, Port Chester was identified as a “Yellow Zone” to reverse the trend of substantially increasing cases in the municipality. Restrictions on activity to limit the spread of the virus and increased testing are being implemented. (Cluster initiative guidance )
Our most recent report attributes 26 active cases to the Village. There are currently 6 COVID patients in Northern Westchester Hospital. 1 in ICU. Testing and quarantining is so important. As soon as there is the slightest suspicion that an individual is has symptoms or has been exposed to the virus, it is essential to contact your healthcare provider to be tested. We must all work together to stabilize and reverse this upward trend. Keep wearing face coverings. Keep your distance from others. Be sure to have hand sanitizer in your car, in your office and in your home. It is essential that we are all extra vigilant to avoid exposure to the virus.

Village offices will be closed on Wednesday in observance of Veterans day. This will result in a change to recycling collection. On Monday our DPW team will collect Bottles & Cans. On Tuesday, Paper & Cardboard. No collection Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be regularly scheduled garbage pick up.

On Saturday we will be honoring three Mount Kisco residents who have made a substantial contributions to our Village by add their names to our wall of honor in Leonard Park. At 10:30 we will honor Bud Jobin, at 11 Bill Stewart and 11:30 Jim Gmelin. The rescheduled Arbor Day celebration will be held at 1:30 in Leonard Park by the Teahouse.

It has been a very long week. Ballots are still being counted in national and local elections. 2020 continues to test our flexibility and ability to adapt. The place where we should find strength is in our families, our friends and our local community. So continue to be kind to each other and please be responsible for your actions.

11/1/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

New travel protocol effective Wednesday, November 4.  NYS announced new guidelines allowing out-of-state travelers to New York to “test out” of the mandatory 14-day quarantine. Travelers from states that are contiguous with New York will continue to be exempt from the travel advisory; however covered travelers must continue to fill out the Traveler Health Form. ( Essential workers will continue to be exempt as well.

For any traveler to New York State from out of state, exempting the contiguous states, the new guidelines for travelers to test-out of the mandatory 14-day quarantine are below:
Travelers who were in another state for more than 24 hours:
-Travelers must obtain a test within three days of departure from that state.
-The traveler must, upon arrival in New York, quarantine for three days.
-On day 4 of their quarantine, the traveler must obtain another COVID test. If both tests comes back negative, the traveler may exit quarantine early upon receipt of the second negative diagnostic test.
For travelers who were in another state for less than 24 hours:
--The traveler does not need a test prior to their departure from the other state, and does not need to quarantine upon arrival in New York State.
-However, the traveler must fill out our traveler form upon entry into New York State, and take a COVID diagnostic test 4 days after their arrival in New York.
-Local health departments will validate tests, if necessary, and if a test comes back positive, will issue isolation orders and initiate contact tracing. The local health department must make contact with the state the traveler came from, to ensure contact tracing proceeds there as well. All travelers must continue to fill out our traveler form upon arrival into New York State to contribute to New York State’s robust contact tracing program.
The travel guidelines require all New Yorkers, as well as those visiting from out of state, to take personal responsibility for compliance in the best interest of public health and safety.

For general inquires contact the call the Hotline: 1-888-364-3065.
To file a report of an individual failing to adhere to the quarantine pursuant to the travel guidelines call 1-833-789-0470.

7/17/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Text from tonight's phone call.


As folk are considering summer holidays please keep in mind states that are on the mandatory 14 day quarantine list when reentering NY. If coming from any of the restricted states, those traveling into NYS airports will be required to complete a form to identify location of quarantine. Those violating risk a $2000 fine. States are added and removed from the list based on infection rates in those locations. Currently the restricted states are Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi , New Mexico, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin


Recently the NYS health department added a civil fine of $1000 for those who are not abiding by distancing and face covering requirements. Please know our goal locally is not to be punitive. We simply want to work together to ensure compliance. Please be particularly aware when you enter enclosed spaces such as restaurants or stores to wear a face covering. Please also have a face covering with you when you walk through town or the park, so you can use it when you are not able to distance from others.


NYS has not yet made a decision to open in person instruction for schools in the fall. The Governor indicated that a decision would be made first week in August and is dependent on infection rates remaining below 5%. Decisions would be made regionally.


NYS is offering a COVID Rent Relief Program which will provide eligible households with a one-time rental subsidy that will be sent directly to the household’s landlord. Applicants will not need to repay this assistance. Details can be found at


We need everyone's help to get a full count of Village residents on the Census. Currently we have less than 65% participation. It is very easy for one person from each household to respond online at or call 844 330-2020 to respond in English or 844 468-2020 in Spanish.


New positive cases in Westchester County and here in the Village remain low. The 7 day rolling average in Westchester indicates less than 1% of those tested are positive. Stay the course Mount Kisco. Your continued diligence and being responsible for your actions will keep us all safe.

7/14/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update


Hospitalization rates across the state are lowest they have been since March 18. New cases have stabilized between 500-700 per day.


Today's Numbers
4,724,882 tested/ 402,263 positive/ 24,989 fatalities
320,070 tested/ 35,327 positive/ 1,435 fatalities


There are currently 4 active cases in the Village. Our numbers have been consistently low. Weekly a few cases are added and a few move into the recovered column.


Greatest threats to current “controlled” spread are lack of compliance by New Yorkers and travelers entering NY. The Governor has called upon us all to continue our safety precautions. He has also asked local municipalities to continue enforcing Executive Orders and NYS guidance.


Beginning Tuesday, July 14th, a travel enforcement operation will commence at airports statewide to help ensure travelers coming into New York are following the state’s 14 day quarantine requirement. This will include a form that must be completed at airports identifying location of quarantine for all incoming travelers. Those traveling from any of the states listed below MUST quarantine for 14 days: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah



Today the Governor indicated if virus spread is under control schools will reopen. If not, they will not reopen. He shared the data points that must be met: Region must be in Phase 4 and the daily infection rate is 5% or lower using a 14 day average since unPause was lifted.


Week of August 1, data will be reviewed for each region. Numbers will be reviewed by regional teams daily to see if an emergency stop/shutdown is needed. School will be closed if regional infection rate is greater than 9% using 7 day average after 8/1. To provide perspective, the Mid-Hudson Region 7 day rolling average has been at 1% since June 8. On May 8, 7 day rolling average was 11%


Every school district will submit their plans based on guidance. NYS will review and determine if the plan is aligned with the guidance. Guidance for schools:


New York State has given authorization for limited high risk sports and recreation such as basketball, volleyball, and football, Permitting one-on-one or small group skills clinics. Activity MUST be outdoors. No games with full teams. Guidance at:

6/8/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today is 100 days since the first COVID case was diagnosed in NYS.

Today’s Numbers

2,555.896 tested/ 378,799 positive/ 24,299 fatalities
186,561 tested/ 34,000 positive/ 1,395 fatalities

There are currently 4 active cases in the Village

The Mid-Hudson Region begins Phase 2 begins tomorrow. In addition to Phase 1 businesses, the following can also open:

-Commercial Building Management
-Essential and Phase II Retail (In-Store)
-Hair Salons and Barbershops
-Outdoor and Take-Out/Delivery Food Services
-Real Estate
-Retail Rental, Repair, and Cleaning
-Vehicle Sales, Leases, and Rentals
Full Phase 2 guidance at

Before opening, business must sign affirmation and understanding of guidance

The Governor extended deadline for school board election. Ballots that arrive by 6/16 will be counted. Ballots were mailed to all registered voters. If you ave to received a ballot contact BCSD District Clerk Carole LaColla 914 241 6000, ext. 6011,

The MTA has undertaken extensive steps to clean and sanitize stations and subway cars. Remember face covering are required on all public transportation.

The World Health Organization indicated that asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is very rare.


6/7/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today’s Numbers
2,497,842 tested/ 378,097 positive/ 24,259 fatalities
183,225 tested/ 33,954 positive/ 1,392 fatalities

1% of total tested were positive. This is the lowest percentage of positive testes since March 16.

The Governor indicated that socially distanced graduations with up to 150 people will be permitted beginning June 26. This could change if there is an increase in cases. Fox Lane High School Graduation is scheduled for June 23. A drive-in graduation will take place at the Jefferson Valley Mall.

NYC will begin Phase 1 tomorrow. Plan is to perform 35,000 tests per day in NYC to closely monitor the reopening. Full details on NYC opening plan at

The Governor has extended the deadline for school election ballots to be returned. Ballots arriving by 6/16 will be counted.

Though the vast majority of protesters are wearing masks, the Governor is asking all that have been at protests to please get a COVID test. Local testing information at…/vil…/docs/COVIDTesting%20(002).pdf

6/6/2020 Coronavirus/ COVID-19 Update

All data points continue to show reducing levels of hospitalizations, intubations and fatalities.

Today’s Numbers
2,437,407 tested/ 377,316 positive/ 24,212 fatalties
180,063 tested/ 33,924 positive/ 1,392 fatalties

No numbers reported for Mount Kisco today

Today the Governor shared that religious institutions can open at 25% of building occupancy with all physical distancing and safety precautions in place.

The World Health Organization reinforced the value of wearing face coverings to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Lots of information and videos regarding face coverings at…/advice-for-…/when-and-how-to-use-masks

The Governor will be issuing an Executive Order to permit commercial buildings to conduct temperature checks for people entering buildings as employees return to work.

Reminder, tomorrow South Moger Avenue and the western end of Green Street will be closed from approximately 11 am to 2 pm to accommodate for a peaceful march which begins at noon.


6/5/2020 Coronavirus/ COVID-19 Update

Today’s Numbers
2,359,512 tested/ 376,208 positive/ 24,175 fatalities
176,084 tested/ 33,854 positive/ 1,389 fatalities

There are currently 5 active COVID cases in the Village.

Text from today’s phone message:
We continue to see a reduced rate of COVID infections across the state, county and in the Village. These numbers are at their lowest point since tracking began. If we all continue with the processes to avoid contracting the virus that include hand washing, physical distancing and wearing face coverings we will be able to continue reopening our economy.

The Mid-Hudson region is on target to move into Phase 2 on Tuesday June 9. More businesses will begin to open, provided they follow NYS guidance. If you find a situation you believe puts yourself or others at risk, please discuss with the business owner or contact our building department. We all have the same goal to be safe and keep everyone healthy.

Though all Village facilities remain closed to the public, our government continues to operate. Services are available online or by phone. Go to or call 914 914 864-0000.

We are happy to share that we have gotten authorization to open our pool and to have summer camp. Though we have not yet received guidelines from NYS, we have begun planning to create a safe environment for residents to enjoy. We will provide more details as opening dates are identified.

Reminder that one hour metered on street parking is being enforced as are all other parking regulations. Please be mindful that bagged spaces are reserved specifically for curbside pick up. These spaces are for those who have made an advanced purchase by phone or online. There continues to be no cost to park in metered municipal lots. Be mindful that municipal lots on Carpenter and Maple Avenues, are permit only. Violations will be issued for those who park without a permit.

On Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm, there will be partial closures on South Moger Avenue and Green Street to accommodate a peaceful march.

Freedom of speech is a founding principal of our nation. The Village is providing a safe environment for those who wish to PEACEFULLY have their voices heard.

We are a community filled with different cultures, different colors and different views. The common thread that binds us, in our beautiful Village, is a kindness and generosity of spirit. Please allow that spirit to shine through by demonstrating tolerance for others views.

Please be safe, be kind and be accountable for your actions.


6/4/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

The downward trend of key data points continues.

Today’s Numbers
2,293,032 tested/ 375,133 positive/ 24,133 fatalities
171,868 tested/ 33,767 positive/ 1,385 fatalities

Currently there are 5 active COVID cases in the Village.

Early warning dashboard tracks testing, new infections, severity of infection and hospitalization availability by region. Westchester is part of the Mid-Hudson Region.

Graduation Ceremonies are limited to drive through, drive in, virtual, or individual & person limited to groups of 10. Guidance at…/doh_covid19_graduation_…

Westchester County has formed a Reopening Task Force comprised of business owners from different sectors and representing all areas in the county. They are identifying concerns and ultimately coming up with recommendations to address these concerns. Some items on their list include acquiring PPE, liability, cashflow and consumer confidence.

Based on direction from NYS all school district votes will be done by absentee ballot. Ballots were mailed to all registered voters. They must be returned by June 9 5 pm. To ensure completed ballots are received in time to be counted, drop off directly at Mount Kisco Post Office and ask that it is placed in P.O Box 180.

We are on target to begin Phase 2 on June 9. Phase 2 businesses include Real Estate, Essential and In-Store Retail, Offices, Vehicle Sales, Lease and Rental, Retail Rental, Repair and Cleaning, Commercial Building Management, Hair Salons and Barbershops, Outdoor and Take-out/Delivery Food Services. Businesses must review guidance and sign an affirmation that they understand and will implement. Go to

A PEACEFUL march is planned on Sunday beginning at noon in Kirby Plaza. As a result part of South Moger and Green Street will be closed from noon to 1 pm.

6/3/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

All of the numbers continue to trend down. There were 49 fatalities yesterday.

Today’s Numbers
2,229,473 tested/ 374,085 positive/ 24,079 fatalities
168,344 tested/ 33,691 positive/ 1,381 fatalities

In Mount Kisco there are currently 4 active COVID cases.

Today the Governor shared that outdoor dining will be added to Phase 2. This means restaurants can open outdoor dining provided they follow guidance which includes 6 feet of spacing between tables. Indoor dining is included in Phase 3. Phase 2 guidance at

We continue to make plans and are awaiting specific guidance with reference to opening pool and camp. We will provide full details as soon as available.

A local business has organized a peaceful march on Sunday at noon beginning at Kirby Plaza. As a result, part of South Moger and Green Street will be closed from Noon to 1 pm.

Please remember the coronavirus is still active. Be aware of your actions; maintain social distance and wear face coverings when appropriate distance cannot be maintained.


6/2/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Village taxes are due June 30. The Village Board of Trustees has authorized the deferral of Village tax payments until August 15 for property owners who certify COVID related economic hardship. Details at…/tax_relief_(village_taxes).p…

 New COVID cases are at an all time low.

Today’s Numbers

2,167,831 tested/ 373,040 positive/ 24,023 fatalities
165,091 tested/ 33,633 positive/ 1,378 fatalities

There are currently 6 active cases in the Village.

Based on the Governor’s statements today and guidance from Empire State Development, the Village does plan on opening the pool and running day camp. We are waiting on further details related to density and distancing requirements. We will announce dates and other pertinent information as soon as all is confirmed.

Reminder that on street paid metered parking is in effect. (You will notice some meters have been moved to reduce the number of poles.) Please be aware that bagged meters are for curbside pick up; specifically for picking up pre-purchased orders. Though these spaces do not require payment, please limit your parking to 10 minutes. Currently there are no fees in municipal parking lots.

Please continue to bear-in-mind that though the impacts of the virus have been reduced, it is still active in our community, in our county and in our state. Social distancing and face coverings, when unable to distance, are still prudent and required.

Thank you to all who continue to work together to create a safe environment and to support our local businesses.


6/1/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

All data points continued to decline to lowest points since tracking began. We lost 54 New Yorkers yesterday. Out of 50,000 tests yesterday, only 1000 people tested positive in NYS.

Today’s Numbers

2,113,777 tested/ 371,711 positive/ 23,959 fatalities
161,908 tested/ 33,552 positive/ 1,374 fatalities

There are 6 active COVID cases in the Village.

Regions across the state are moving into Phase 2 reopening. If the health data remains stable, the Mid-Hudson region is on target to move to Phase 2 on 5/9. Guidance for Phase 2 businesses

State-wide guidance for general openings (beaches, religious & funeral services, racing activities, dentistry

We are all aware that activity outdoors is safer than indoors. In response to the need for reduced indoor density, tonight the Village Board agreed to temporarily expand the ability for downtown retail businesses to apply for permits to sell products in front of their stores. (Currently outdoor dining, and only the outdoor display of flowers, and shrubbery are permitted.) The Board of Trustees also agreed to reduce the deposit fee to $300 and to accept the permit fee at the end of the season, not requiring it to be paid when applying. We welcome other ideas on how we can be responsive to the needs of the community and help businesses open and function safely.

Reminder that we will again be distributing reusable cloth masks in front of Village Hall from 10 am to noon on Tuesday, June 2nd. 


5/31/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Hospitalizations, intubations, and fatalities are all down. We lost 56 New Yorkers to COVID yesterday.

Today’s Numbers
2,063,825 tested/ 370,770 positive/ 23,905 fatalities
158,532 tested/ 33,481 positive/ 1,371 fatalities

No information reported today for Mount Kisco.

Dentists offices can reopen tomorrow, 6/1, using the following guidance…/f…/DentistryMasterGuidance.pdf

Reminder to all that the contact tracing program may result in your receiving a call from NYS Contact Tracing (518-387-9993). They will inform you that you may have come into contact with someone who tested positive. The will provide instructions and next steps. No one will ask for your social security number or other personal or financial information.


5/30/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

All data points are down including fatalities. We lost 67 New Yorkers to COVID yesterday.

Today’s numbers
2,005,381 tested/ 369,660 positive/ 23,848 fatalities
155,242 tested/ 33,429 positive/ 1,364 fatalities

Data not provided for Mount Kisco today.

With the goal of having NYC move to Phase 1 on June 9, efforts are being made to put in place a strategy for NYC hospitals to respond to increase in cases. Also focusing on strategies to reduce cases in “hot spots” in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

The Governor signed a law to provide death benefit for the families of state and local government employees who lost their lives due to the current health emergency.

Tomorrow Senator Pete Harckham has coordinated a food drive tomorrow noon - 2pm in the parking lot at MKES. 


5/29/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

New and net hospitalizations and intubations are down. Fatalities are at the lowest point since tracking began. We lost 67 New Yorkers yesterday.

Today’s Numbers

1,944,130 tested/ 368,284 positive/ 23,780 fatalities
151,854 tested/ 33,349 positive/ 1,359 fatalities

In Mount Kisco there are currently 8 active cases.

Important that we all move forward with continued caution and care. Tracking key data points is essential. Additional dashboard will serve as an early warning system to track data and trends on new infections and their severity, testing and hospital capacity by region.

NYC is on target to begin Phase 1 June 8.

5 Upstate Regions have begun Phase 2.

If there is no increase infection rate, Mid-Hudson Region is on target to begin Phase 2 on June 8. Guidance for Phase 2 businesses:
Phase 2 includes
-Real Estate
-Essential and other Retail In Store
-Vehicle Sales, Leases and Rentals
-Retail Rental, Repair and Cleaning
-Commercial Building Management
-Hair Salons and Barbershops

County Beaches and golf courses are open this weekend. Social distancing and face masks are required.

All are invited to view the American Legion Moses Taylor Jr. Post 136 Memorial Day ceremony tomorrow at 11 am. Altice chanel 20 and FIOS chanel 40 and Facebook Live.

5/28/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Net hospitalizations, intubations and new hospitalizations are down. Fatalities are stable and under 100. We lost 74 New Yorkers last night.

Today’s Numbers
1,876,789 tested/ 366,733 positive/ 23,722 fatalities
148,651 tested/ 33,293 positive/ 1,357 fatalities

Since tracking began, a total of 275 Village residents have tested positive. There are currently 14 active cases in Mount Kisco.

The MTA will pilot the use of UV light to kill the virus in subway cars.

The Governor issued an Executive Order that allows businesses to deny entry to individuals not wearing face coverings.

Essential Businesses

Phase One Business Guidance

Statewide Guidance

Information about Contact Tracing…

We will continue mask distribution on Tuesday 6/2 in front of Village Hall from 10-noon.

Starting next week, the library will be offering Take and Make Crafts every Tuesday and Thursday between noon and 4. By the front entrance book drop, take a craft home while supplies last. These crafts have been carefully put together following CDC guidelines for cleanliness.


5/27/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Hospitalizations and intubations are down. Fatalities remain below 100. We lost 74 New Yorkers yesterday.

Today’s Numbers
1,811,544 tested/ 364,965 positive/ 23,643 fatalities
145,38 tested/ 33,186 positive/ 1,352 fatalities

In Mount Kisco 274 individuals have tested positive. There are currently 15 active cases.

The Governor was in Washington DC today advocating for the Senate to pass legislation to provide financial support to state and local governments. Additionally, he met with the President to discuss public infrastructure programs to create jobs and activate the economy.

At this time, NYC is the only NYS region that has not begun Phase 1 opening.

Businesses across our Village have been preparing to open. The Mount Kisco Chamber of Commerce and Village government have been working together to provide information and facilitating conversations regarding NYS guidance. All share a common goal of implementing modifications when opening to create a safe environment for employees and for clients.

We will be identifying some on street metered spaces as curbside pick up locations. We will also begin enforcing 1 hour parking on street next week. We have not yet identified a date to begin enforcing paid parking in municipal lots.

Contact tracing has begun. This means individuals may be contacted by NYS to advise that they may have come into contact with a person who tested positive for COVID. More information at:

Information on testing locations at:…/vil…/docs/COVIDTesting%20(002).pdf

Mask distribution for residents tomorrow 10-noon on steps of Village Hall.


5/26/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

All data points are down. Fatalities are lowest to date. We lost 73 New Yorkers yesterday.

Today’s Numbers

1,774,128 tested/ 363,836 positive/ 23,564 fatalities
143,178 tested/ 33,107 positive/ 1,345 fatalities

In Mount Kisco 272 individuals have tested positive. Based on dates, 17 are active cases.

Phase 1 opening began today in the Mid-Hudson region. The following businesses can reopen provided they have implemented safety guidelines outlined by NYS. Full details at
-Wholesale Trade
-Retail Delivery, curbside, and in-store pickup service only
-Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

Key to managing the virus is tracking the health data and indicators to ensure the numbers are stable. If any indicators begin to trend upward, regional management team must respond. We must all continue to do our part and be responsible and accountable for our actions. The virus is still present in our community. Please, wash your hands, minimize interaction with others, maintain a safe distance and wear face coverings when you can not.

NY Stock Exchange trading floor reopened today.

The Governor is planning on public works projects to create jobs and stimulate the economy. He will be meeting with the President tomorrow. He plans on discussing a partnership on a variety of building projects in NY including a new Penn Station and a train link to LaGuardia Airport

Winners of Wear a Mask PSA contest can be viewed here

During this time of crisis, the Mount Kisco Volunteer Fire Department has brought smiles to the faces of families across the fire district with approximately 100 birthday and celebration visits. As we move to reopen, they have established a final date for the parades as June 10th. Any requests already made for after June 10 will be fulfilled. To schedule before June 10 email

Information on the Bedford Central School budget at…/2020%20May%20Bedford%20Newsletter%…

Great to see so many residents picking up masks today at Village Hall. We have scheduled another distribution for Thursday 5/28 10-noon.


5/25/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

No new announcements today.

Tomorrow we begin Phase 1 of reopening. Please remember, this will be a slow progression over the next few weeks. We must all remain cautious and responsible for our actions.

Today’s Numbers

1,739,449 tested/ 362,764 positive/ 23,488 fatalities
141,483 tested / 33,049 positive/ 1,343 fatalities


5/24/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update 

New hospitalizations, net hospitalizations and intubations are down. Number of deaths up a bit. We lost 109 New Yorkers to COVID yesterday.

Today’s Numbers

1,699,826 tested/ 361,515 positive/ 23,391 fatalities
139,160 tested/ 32,968 positive/ 1,337 fatalities

Mid-Hudson Region is on track to move into Phase 1 opening on Tuesday 5/26

Camp grounds & RV parks will open state wide tomorrow.

Veterinary practices can fully reopen state wide on Tuesday.

Starting today NY professional sports leagues will be able to begin training camp in the state while following appropriate protocol.

The Governor outlined three steps in managing this crisis.
1 - Stabilize health crisis - done
2 - Reopen smartly - in process
3 - Rebuild and recreate economy. Eric Schmidt (Former Google CEO) will lead a commission to identify ways to expand Telehealth, broadband access and how to use new and innovative technologies to stimulate the economy.


5/23/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Net hospitalizations, intubations and new hospitalizations are all down. Fatalities below 100. We lot 84 New Yorkers last night.

Mid-Hudson has met all data criteria. Only open issue is to put 1,991 contact tracers in place. 2,207 individuals have been identified for this role. 1,134 have been trained. Remaining 857 will participate in online training over the weekend. This will enable Mid-Hudson Region to move to Phase 1 on Tuesday 5/26.

What does Phase 1 opening mean?

In addition to previously identified essential businesses, the following businesses can open as outlined in guidelines
-Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
-Retail LIMITED to curbside or in-store pick up or drop off
-Wholesale Trade

Today’s Numbers
1,652,061 tested/ 359,926 positive/ 23,282 fatalities
136,618 tested/ 32,881 positive/ 1,327 fatalities

Safety precautions such as physical distancing, and wearing face coverings continue. The virus still exists in NYS, in Westchester and in our beautiful Village. Please remain vigilant.


5/22/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

We continue to see that all key data points regarding the spread of the conronavirus are down. Today the Governor indicated that if this downward trend continues, the Mid-Hudson region will likely move into Phase 1 reopening next week. To this end, construction companies are authorized to begin staging equipment.

Today’s numbers

1,600,793 tested/ 358,154 positive/ 23,195 fatalities
133,384 tested/ 32,767 positive/ 1,319 fatalities

In the Village 272 individuals have tested positive. Based on dates, there are 23 active cases.

Today County Executive Latimer delivered cloth face masks to the Village so that we can expand our distribution in the community. To date, more than 3000 seniors and residents who live in subsidized and multi-family housing where there is greater density have received masks. Businesses can contact the MK Chamber of Commerce to pick up cloth reusable masks. (Thank you to Fran Albanese for joining us today representing the MKCC.) Mount Kisco residents can pick up masks on Tuesday 5/26 from 10 am – noon in front of Village Hall.

NYS has introduced a new $100 million economic recovery loan program focused on supporting small businesses and non-profits. Qualifications include:
- Small businesses and nonprofits must employ 20 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees
- Small businesses must have gross revenues of less than $3 million per year
- Nonprofits must provide direct services and have an annual operating budget of less than $3 million per year
- Have not received a loan from either SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) for COVID-19 in 2020
Further details at…

New Yorkers seeking healthcare still have time to enroll in NYS health plan marketplace at

Still time to vote for your favorite video which will become a Public Service Announcements to remind all to wear face coverings

On this Memorial Day weekend, please take time to remember and appreciate the sacrifices of those who marched into battle to protect our freedoms. Please also remember that today we are asked to be accountable for our actions to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors. Please wear a face covering when you are unable to physically distance. NYS safety guidelines when outdoors


5/21/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor shared that all data points continue on the downward trend. He noted that there were 236 new hospitalizations which is lower than when we started tracking COVID data. We lost 105 New Yorkers yesterday.

Today’s Numbers

1,555,055 tested/ 356,458 positive/ 22,083 fatalities
131,034 tested/ 32,673 positive/ 1,313 fatalities

As regions reopen, increased activity will lead to increased cases if precautions are not taken. Businesses, employees and customers must all do our part to ensure we are following appropriate safety precautions.

Important that employees know they have a recourse if they believe they are in a work environment they believe is not providing PPE or following appropriate hygiene and social distancing guidelines. They can call the NY Hotline 888-364-3065

An aggressive contact tracing program is beginning throughout the state. This means that everyone who has tested positive will provide information about all the people with whom they have come in contact. Contact tracers will reach out to advise people they may have been exposed to the virus and should be tested. If you receive a call from NYS Contact Tracing, pick up the phone; it is an important call about your health. IMPORTANT TO NOTE, all information is strictly confidential and will be treated as a private medical record. No one will ask for your social security number, bank or any other financial information.

Information about locations for COVID diagnostic testing is available at…/vil…/docs/COVIDTesting%20(002).pdf

NYS continues research on the COVID inflammatory syndrome in children. At this time, there are 157 identified cases in NY. 13 countries and 25 states are reporting cases of child illness 157 in NY

Summer school will be done through distance learning. Decisions about September will be announced in June. School districts will be required to submit safety implementation plans in July.

FOR BUSINESSES: Sales tax filings have been extended to June 19.

State beaches on Long Island will be opening tomorrow including Jones Beach, Sunken Meadow, Hither Hills and Robert Moses 6 am -9 pm (swimming 9 am -5 pm). Lake Welch Beach in Harriman Park will also be open. (10 am -6 pm) Strict standards will be in place including permitting 50% of capacity, physical distancing and face coverings.


5/20/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Net hospitalizations, intubations and new hospitalizations are all down. Fatalities are slightly up. We lost 112 New Yorkers yesterday.

Today’s Numbers

1,505.836 tested/354,370 positive/ 22,976 fatalities
128,363 tested/ 32,517 positive/ 1,305 fatalities

A total of 271 individuals in Mount Kisco have tested positive. Based on dates, there are 29 active cases.

The Governor announced that religious organizations can begin to have small gatherings of no larger than 10 people. All safety precautions must be implemented including social distancing and face masks. NYS has brought together an interfaith council to determine how best to bring back full religious services.

A video contest to remind people about the importance of wearing face coverings generated more than 600 video submissions. The video with the highest number of votes will become a Public Service Announcement. View videos and vote at:…

School Board election and budget vote will be by mail only. All registered voters will receive ballot by postal mail. Completed ballots must arrive at the school district central office no later than June 9.

June 23 is the primary election for Presidential, Congressional and NYS Assembly races. Voters can cast ballots by mail or in person. Applications to request a ballot have been sent to all registered voters. Applications must be sent back to Board of Elections no later than Tuesday June 16. Voters will then receive a ballot which should be completed and mailed back to Board of Elections. Full details about absentee voting by mail at:…/2020presp…

Westchester County will open the beach at Croton Point Park and Playland Beach for the holiday weekend from Friday through Monday from 11 am to 6:30 pm. Social distancing and face coverings are required.


5/19/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Total number of hospitalizations, intubations, new cases and fatalities are all down. NY families lost 105 loved ones to COVID yesterday

Today’s Numbers
1,467,739 tested/ 352,845 positive/ 22,843 fatalities
126,496 tested/ 32,402 positive/ 1,298 fatalities

Fatalities in Westchester are down substantially. Sadly we lost 3 Westchester County residents yesterday. That number is far less as compared with a few weeks ago when we lost more than 70 people in one night.

In Mount Kisco a total of 271 individuals have tested positive. Based on dates, 35 are active cases.

Mid-Hudson Region has met another criteria needed for reopening. New hospitalizations are at 1.74 (below 2/100,000 residents.) Still need to have 14 continuous days of reduced deaths or fewer than 5. The region continues to make hiring contact tracing teams a priority. For details go to…

Sixteen facilities across NYS are beginning a pilot program to allow visitors at hospitals. The objective is to begin outlining procedures to determine how to create a safe environment for family members to see patients.

Sports teams are encouraged to begin planning to operate without fans present. Many sports rely largely on broadcast and advertising revenues. Sports organizations that can make the financials work are encouraged to contact NYS to begin the planning to reopen their sports organizations.

The Belmont Stakes will be run on Jun 20. For the first time in history, it will be the first race in the Triple Crown. The Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes will be run later in the year.

The Governor approved Memorial Day ceremonies to include up to 10 people using appropriate physical distancing and face coverings. The Village will celebrate Memorial Day, as is our tradition on May 30, the original Decoration/Memorial Day. Members of the Moses Taylor Jr. American Legion Post #136 will lead a ceremony that will be broadcast on our local channels and on Facebook for residents to view.


5/18/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today’s Numbers

1,439,557 tested/ 351,371 positive/ 22,729 fatalities
125,371 tested/ 32,323 positive/ 1,295 fatalities

In the Village a total of 266 individuals have tested positive. Based on dates, 36 are currently active.

Regional monitoring dashboard
Mid-Hudson region is closer to meeting criteria on reducing new hospitalizations. Can not exceed 2/ 100,000 residents. Mid-Hudson region currently at 2.02. On day 3 of needed 14 day decline in fatalities. Additionally, still must hire a substantial number of contact tracers. For details go to…

FOR BUSINESSES: Updated essential business guidance. Includes all landscaping, gardening and horticulture, drive-in movie theaters and tennis.

Northern Westchester Hospital is conducting serology/antibody testing for first responders and essential workers. Details at…/covid19-antibody-testing-offered-by…/558…

The Bedford Central School District announced Fox Lane High School graduation, on June 23 at 10 am, will be a professionally orchestrated large screen, drive-in event at Jefferson Valley Mall parking lot.


5/17/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

News is very light today.

Hospitalizations, intubations, new hospitalizations, and fatalities are down. We lost 139 New Yorkers yesterday.

Today’s Numbers

1,413,396 tested/ 350,121 positive/ 22,619 fatalities
124, tested/ 32,224 positive/ 1,289 fatalities

As we have been sharing, COVID diagnostic testing is now widely available. It is urgent that those who are feeling ill or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, you should immediately be tested and isolate until you receive results. For details on local testing options go to…/vil…/docs/COVIDTesting%20(002).pdf

Additionally, NYS has a site where you can find testing locations based on your address


5/16/2020  Cornonavirus/COVID-19 Update

Total hospitalizations, intubations and new hospitalizations down. Slight increase in fatalities. We lost 157 New Yorkers last night to COVID.

Today’s Numbers

1,378,717 tested/ 348,232 positive/ 22,478 fatalities
122,105 tested/ 32,097 positive/ 1,275 fatalities

Half of NY is in Phase 1 of reopening. The remaining regions have not yet met all 7 of the criteria outlined. The Mid Hudson Region still has 2 outstanding criteria to meet. Metrics Dashboard at

The Governor authorized ambulatory and elective surgeries to resume in Westchester and Suffolks Counties.

Additionally, horse racing tracks across the state and Watkins Glen International Racetrack will be allowed to open without fans as of June 1st. The state will issue guidance on how they can open safely reopen in the coming week.


Coronavirus/ COVID-19 Update

The Governor extended NY PAUSE to 5/28 for the NYS regions that have not yet met the criteria to reopen. When a region meets the criteria they will move into Phase 1 reopening. Five of ten regions began Phase 1 today. Westchester County is part of the Mid-Hudson Economic Development Region. We have met 5 of the required 7 criteria. The remaining criteria are 14 continuous days of decline in fatalities (we are at day 5 of 14) and fewer than 2 new hospitalizations per 100k residents (we are at 2.77).

We are all directly connected with these data points. We have to continue to do all we can to limit our physical interactions with others to reduce the spread of the virus. Wear a face covering when you are not able to distance from others. If you are feeling ill or have been in contact with someone who is ill, you should immediately be tested and isolate until you receive results. Details on local testing options available here…/vil…/docs/COVIDTesting%20(002).pdf

Net hospitalizations and intubations are down today. New hospitalizations slightly up. Fatalities are down. We lost 132 New Yorkers to COVID yesterday.

Today’s Numbers
1,338,048 tested/ 345,813 positive/ 22,304 fatalities
120,046 tested/ 31,943 positive/ 1,269 fatalities

Since we began tracking, 260 individuals in Mount Kisco have tested positive. Based on dates there are 36 active cases.

The Governor announced beaches in NY, NJ, CT and DE will be open for Memorial Day weekend. Only 50% capacity will be permitted. No contact activity such as volley ball. No concessions. Social distancing must be enforced. Masks must be worn when social distancing is not possible.

FOR BUSINESSES: Our region is not yet authorized to enter Phase 1 of reopening. However, we can all begin to prepare by reviewing guidance by business sector. Every business when they reopen will need to affirm they have read the guidelines and create their own plan using a template. Additionally, NYS release a Business Reopen Look Up Tool. Can see if business sector is permitted to open based on location.

NYS continues to hire for their contact tracing effort. To learn more go to…


5/14/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

It is clear the spread of the virus has slowed substantially. However, it does not mean the virus is gone. Quite the contrary, if we ease our diligence in social distancing, the infection rate will rise. Every individual contributes to what happens next. It is urgent that we are all accountable for our actions. Everyone should be home unless they are an essential worker. Individuals should only leave their homes for essentials and solitary or family exercise. When out, please wear a face covering if you can not maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others.

Today’s data showed a continuing decline in net hospitalizations, intubations, new hospitalizations, and fatalities. We lost 157 New Yorkers yesterday.

Today’s Numbers

1,298,757 tested/ 343,051 positive/ 22,170 fatalities
118,022 tested/ 31,792 positive/ 1,256 fatalities

In Mount Kisco a total of 254 individuals have tested positive. Based on dates, 36 are active.

Five of ten NYS Economic Development Regions have met the criteria to reopen. Westchester is part of the Mid-Hudson Region. Our region has met 5 of the 7 criteria. Outstanding criteria are 14 days of declining deaths (we are on day 4) and new hospitalizations under 2 /100k residents (we are at 2.38.)

FOR BUSINESSES: NYS released guidance for opening Phase 1 business sectors. Though our region is not yet ready to open, all businesses should review this guidance to get a general understanding of guidelines to be followed when reopening.

NYS is in a $61 billion budget deficit due to expenses related to fighting COVID and reduction in revenues due to shutdown. The Governor has been making a case to the Federal government to provide financial support to NYS since we are the state that has had the greatest negative impact. If funding is not forthcoming, aid to local governments and schools will be cut by 20%.

In Washington, the House of Representatives has put forward a bill that includes funding for:

-State & local governments
-COVID testing & tracing
-Repeals SALT to help states most affected by COVID

We will watch to see what happens as the bill makes it’s way through the Senate.

Northern Westchester Hospital is conducting serology/antibody testing for first responders and essential workers. Details at…/covid19-antibody-testing-offered-by-…/558

We are working to prepare processes to re-open the tennis courts. Will share guidelines and opening date shortly.


5/13/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Net hospitalizations and intubations down. New hospitalizations slightly up. We lost 166 New Yorkers last night.

Today’s Numbers
1,258,907 tested/ 340,661 positive/ 22,013 fatalities
115,572 tested/ 31,611 positive/ 1,245 fatalities

Information regarding inflammatory syndrome in children related to COVID…/governor-cuomo-announces-stat…

The question we are often asked is “When will Westchester re-open?" We are part of the Mid-Hudson Economic Development Region. This region must meet all 7 criteria outlined by the CDC and Governor. We have achieved 5 of the 7 data points. The last two are directly correlated to continued reduction in fatalities and new hospitalizations. Regional Monitoring Dashboard
The way to achieve these last two are for all of us to continue to limit our interactions with others, to maintain physical distance, and to wear face coverings when we can not.

It is vital that individuals who are feeling ill or believe they may have been exposed to someone who is ill IMMEDIATELY contact their healthcare provider to be tested for COVID. Quick isolation of those who may test positive will limit the spread of the virus. Information on local testing options available at…/vil…/docs/COVIDTesting%20(002).pdf

Will we open the pool and will there be camp? If we had to make this decision today the answer would be no. That is why we have not yet made a decision. Based on the Phases of Opening outlined by NYS, these activities are part of Phase 4. It is our hope that we will reach Phase 4 before the end of the summer season. We are currently working to ready the pool facility, identify sanitary procedures and identify processes to enforce social distancing. This will enable us to be ready to open when approved to do so. With reference to camp, we do not expect we will be able to offer Camp Iroquois or Teen Travel as it has been in the past. We are working to determine if we can offer different options in a safe environment. All must be approved by NYS and the County Department of Health. We will update the community as the situation continues to evolve.


5/12/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Most data points continue the downward trend. We lost 195 New Yorkers yesterday.

Today’s Numbers

1,225,113 tested/ 338,485 positive/ 21,845 fatalities
113,647 tested/ 31,472 positive/ 1,238 fatalities

In Mount Kisco 251 individuals have tested positive. Based on dates, 40 are currently active.

Overall, NYS is making real progress. However, there are still concerns and areas to be addressed.

NYS continues to investigate inflammatory syndrome in children. It resembles Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome. It causes an inflammation of the blood vessels. Parents should be vigilant. If your child is presenting symptoms including prolonged fever, too sick to drink fluids, severe abdominal pan, diarrhea, vomiting, trouble breathing, changes in skin color, racing heart or chest pain, lethargy, irritability or confusion contact your healthcare provider. Adolescents are being given priority for COVID testing, as those experiencing this syndrome have tested positive or have antibodies which indicates they have had the virus.

NYS reopening plan follows CDC guidelines and requires regional management. The Mid-Hudson Region has met 5 of 7 requirements. The outstanding components are 14 day decline in hospital deaths or fewer than 5 (3 day average) and new hospitalizations under 2/100k residents (3 day average). Monitoring Dashboard

HERE’S THE BIG MESSAGE: IT’S ON US. Getting to open is all about lowering the infection rate for a prolonged period. We all need to continue to do our part through social distancing and wearing face coverings.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health just release a free online course to train contact tracers.…/free-contact-tracing-course-johns-ho…/ This program will be used as part of NYS contact tracing program. To apply to be part of NYS contact tracing effort go to…

Westchester County created a memorial for victims of COVID-19 at Lenoir Nature Preserve. Ribbons of Remembrance information…/8444-westchester-county-re…

Still awaiting guidance related to opening Village pool and summer camp. Will share as soon as we have more information.


5/11/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Net hospital and intubations down. New cases down to 488. Sadly, we lost 161 New Yorkers yesterday. This is the lowest number of fatalities since March 19.

Today’s Numbers

1,204,650 tested/ 337,055 positive/ 21,640 fatalities
112,663 tested/ 31,384 positive/ 1,227 fatalities

251 individuals in the Village have tested positive. Based on dates, 41 are currently active.

In NYS, different regions will open when “ready” based on CDC guidelines. The criteria includes continuous decreasing hospital and fatality rates, low new hospitalization rates, availability of hospital and icu beds, access to testing and setting up contact tracing systems.

Regional Monitoring Dash Board shows status by region. This chart will be updated daily. Westchester is part of the Mid-Hudson Region. Our region has met 5 of the 7 outlined metrics. The remaining criteria to meet is based on reducing new hospitalizations and reduced fatalities. Essentially, it is up to us to continue to follow distancing and reduced density measures to get these data points lower.…

Four Phases of Opening which will begin after all criteria are met is available at

Full NY Forward Plan available at…/…/NYForwardReopeningGuide.pdf…

Tomorrow teachers from the Bedford Central School District will participate in a drive-by parade to celebrate our students. The parade kicks-off at 1 pm. We have been advised there is a very large number of cars and anticipate it will take approximately two hours to make it’s way through the Village. Reminder to all, there is no need to gather, as the parade will be making it’s way through the whole village. View the route here…/MKES%20%20parade%20route%20May%202…
(Note left onto Beverly from 133.)

For Businesses from County Legislator Kitley Covilll, the Westchester County Association is hosting a free webinar on Thursday, May 14 at 2PM on how to qualify for PPP loan forgiveness.…/how-to-qualify-for-forgivene…/

Reminder diagnostic and serology/antibody testing available at CareMount Medical Group. Diagnostic testing available at Open Door Family Medical Center. Drive-through testing is also available at the Bedford Hills train station commuter parking lot. They will be open Wednesday 5/13 and Saturday 5/16. Individuals MUST pre-register at


5/10/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Net hospitalizations and intubations continue to trend downward. New COVID hospitalizations are at 521. (This number has not been this low since March 21.) Yesterday we lost 207 New Yorkers.

Today’s Numbers
1,182,998 tested/ 335,395 positive/ 21,478 fatalities
111,342 tested/ 31,294 positive/ 1,218 fatalities

Addressing concerns regarding COVID care at nursing homes the Governor will be issuing an Executive Order mandating all nursing home staff be tested for COVID two times per week. Additionally, a hospital can not release a COVID positive patient to a nursing home. Nursing homes who do not have the ability to care for COVID positive patients must work with the Health Department who will identify an alternative facility.

There are 85 reported cases of children with inflammatory syndrome. The patients tested positive for COVID. Parents who have concerns should speak with their healthcare providers.

NYS Department pursuing a new COVID drug therapy using Remdesivir. They are working with Health and Human Services to get more doses.

Each NYS Economic Region (Westchester is part of the Mid-Hudson region) and each County within the regions will perform an analysis of key criteria that must be met to reopen. These include:
- 14 days of decline in total hospitalizations & deaths on 3 day rolling average
- Fewer than 2 new cases admitted per 100k residents OR Regions with few cases can not exceed 15 new total cases or 5 new deaths on 3 day rolling average
- Must have at least 30% total hospital and icu beds available
- Hospitals must have at least 90 day supply of PPE
- Must have available 30 tests for every 1000 residents
- Must have 30 contact tracers per 100,000 residents and additional based on number of cases
- Rooms must be available for those who test positive to isolate if they are unable to quarantine at home.

Meeting these requirements demonstrates the spread of the virus is under control. This also ensures the region has the operations in place to manage an increase in infections if needed. The region must have the capacity to enforce regulations for distancing and public safety.

If the criteria are met, the region may begin the first phase. There will be two weeks between each phase to ensure the virus spread remains under control.
-Phase one will include construction, manufacturing and supply chain, select retail with curbside pickup.
-Phase two will include professional services, finance and insurance, retail, administrative support, real estate and rental leasing.
-Phase three includes restaurants, food services and hotels. Phase four will include arts, entertainment, recreation and education.

Governor is again requesting $35 billion funding from the Federal government to compensate for expenses related to COVID and loss in revenue due to shutdown related to COVID. If not funding is not forthcoming from Federal government NYS will have to reduce funding to schools, local governments, and hospitals by 20%.

Reminder New Yorkers without health insurance can apply through NY State of Health through June 15 2020. Must apply within 60 days of losing coverage.

5/8/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Total hospitalizations and intubations continue to trend down. New hospitalizations have been at approximately 600 per day. There was a light decline in fatalities. We lost 216 New Yorkers yesterday to COVID.

Today’s Numbers
1,121,543 tested/ 330.407 positive/ 21,045 fatalities
107,466 tested/ 30,905 positive/ 1,191 fatalities

In the Village a total of 240 individuals test positive. Currently 41 active cases.

Most children who get COVID experience mild symptoms. However, there are a small number of children who are experiencing "pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome.” These children begin presenting symptoms 4 to 6 weeks after initial exposure to the coronavirus. Symptoms include persistent fever lasting more than four days, abdominal pain, which could be severe, vomiting or diarrhea, body rash or change in skin color, swollen hands or feet, racing heart or chest pain, enlarged lymph nodes. Parents should be vigilant. If your child has tested positive or been exposed to COVID and develops these symptoms, you should contact your healthcare provider. For more details go to video of press conference from Westchester County…/8448-video-county-executiv…

NYS Reimagine Education Advisory Council is comprised of educators, parents, students and education leaders from across the state. The group will work with school districts to help strengthen schools to address current and future challenge. More information…/amid-ongoing-covid-19-pandemi…

For information on expanded unemployment benefits go to…/unemployment-insurance-assistance


5/7/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Net change in hospitalizations, intubations and new COVID hospitalization continue the downward trend. Again, fatalities have been stable, not reducing in the past few days.

Today’s Numbers

1,089,916 tested/ 327,469 positive/ 20,828 fatalities
105,242 tested/30,708 positive/ 1,184 fatalities

In Mount Kisco a total of 236 individuals have tested positive. Currently 40 active cases.

Data compiled from antibody testing of healthcare workers show there was not a substantial spread among healthcare workers as compared with the general population. Here in Westchester, the percentage of healthcare workers who contracted the virus is about half of the general population. Shows that the protocols and safety measures of using PPE including masks, and sanitizing procedures are effective.

The Governor is extending moratorium on residential or commercial COVID-related evictions to August 20th.

Criteria and status by region for reopening are at…

Information from NYS about protecting yourself and your family at…

Diagnostic and serology/antibody testing is available at CareMount Medical Group. Diagnostic testing is available at Open Door Family Medical Center. Drive-through diagnostic testing facility in Bedford Hills will be open on Saturday and Wednesday next week. Schedule an appointment at

We have not yet received guidance for camp programs or for managing the pool. At this point, we do not expect we will be given approval for the pool to be open to the public on Memorial Day.


5/6/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

The numbers continue to show a gradual decline on net hospitalizations, intubations and new hospitalizations. Fatalities have been consistent, not declining over the past 3 days.

Today’s Numbers
1,055,921 tested/ 323,978 positive/ 20,597 fatalities
102,931 tested/ 30,426 positive/ 1,167 fatalities

Yesterday’s Mount Kisco numbers have been revised. Antibody testing information was erroneously included in diagnostic testing data. Numbers provided today show a total of 229 individuals have tested positive. 39 are active cases. (A significant decrease from yesterday.)

The question everyone is asking is when will we reopen? The Governor indicated the reopening plan is based on facts and data. The criteria are numbers driven and based on CDC guidelines. As the different regions meet the identified bench marks, they will reopen. Reopening will come in 4 phases with different industries opening at different times. There will be a two week period between phases to monitor data and ensure there is not an increase in infection rate and hospitalizations. Information on reopening is at

Westchester County is woking with NYS, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Vital Strategies to implement a contact tracing system. This would be a large team who would identify and notify individuals of the need for isolation and testing for all who have come in contact with someone who has tested positive. NYS is seeking to hire positions for contact tracing.…

A court order reversed the NYS Board of Elections decision to cancel the Democratic Presidential Primary. As a result, June 23 is the date for all primaries (at least for today.) All registered voters will receive an application for an absentee ballot.

School Board Elections and Budget vote are scheduled June 9. Those wanting to become a candidate can find details at…

Diagnostic COVID testing and serology/antibody testing is available locally. Data are available at
Those interested in scheduling a drive-through diagnostic test can register at
Those who arrive without an appointment may be asked to leave the line and register.

New York State is doing all it can to keep New Yorkers safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. But we’re stronger if we all work together. Governor Cuomo is calling on health care professionals, schools of public health or medicine and PPE products providers and manufacturers to come forward to supp...


5/5/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Net hospitalizations & intubations are down. New hospitalizations also down. We lost 230 New Yorkers yesterday. The downward trend will continue if we continue with protecting ourselves and others though social distancing.

Today’s Numbers

1,028,899 tested/ 321,192 positive/ 19,645 fatalities
101,497 tested/ 30,240 positive/ 1,116 fatalities

We received updated positive cases for the Village. The new numbers include a backlog in data from NYS including older cases that did not have addresses attached. Since reporting began, 264 individuals in the Village have tested positive. There are currently 74 active cases.

Today the Governor discussed that the cost of reopening too quickly will be paid in lives. As states begin to reopen, new projections shows a substantial increase in fatalities.

Below is link to CDC and NYS reopening criteria and outlined yesterday. Includes regional status. Westchester is part of the Mid-Hudson region. Four out of the seven criteria have been met.

NYS will work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a new blueprint for education using technology. How can technology be used to reimagine the delivery of instruction as we prepare to reopen schools. More details at…/amid-ongoing-covid-19-pandemi…

Beginning tonight, the NYC subway system will be closed from 1-5 am to clean every subway car, every day.

Local restaurants and Gullotta House have scheduled a prepared food distribution on Saturday 4-6 pm in North Moger parking lot (next to HomeGoods) Those arriving early will be asked leave and to return at start time.

Bulk pick up will resume May 18. To schedule a pick up call 666-8193. Leave a message including your name, phone number and address. You will receive a call back to schedule. Each property is entitled to 1 bulk pick up a year. No construction materials such as sheet rock, roofing paper or tiles, no motor oil, gas or wet paint cans, no tires.

For the current time, please hold on to your larger appliances and fixtures such as toilets, vanities, refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves and hot water heaters. These larger items require a payment. We are putting together an online system. Expect to have it up and running soon. Will notify all when ready.

All are required to wear a face covering when in public and unable to maintain at least 6 feet distance from others. Please always have a mask with you if you are walking downtown, or in the park, or going into a restaurant to pick up take-out, or in the market, or at the pharmacy. Wearing a face covering will contribute to reducing the spread of the virus. The lower the infection rate, the sooner we get to open!

NYS is asking folks to create and share a video explaining why wearing a mask in public is important. Winning videos will be used as a Pubic Service Announcement. Interested applicants can go to


5/4/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Tonight at our Board of Trustees meeting, Dr. Edwin Kohl, Chief Medical Officer & Senior Medical Director at CareMount Medical Group provided insights on different types of COVID testing and when a doctor would recommend each test. You can watch the beginning (posted below) of our meeting to learn more about the difference between a PCR and a Serology/Antibody test.

Testing locations

If you are interested in a PCR drive-through test, you must pre-register. If you have not pre-registered, you will be asked to register and return to the site.

Today the Governor shared that new hospitalizations are down to 717. Fatalities down to 226. Still, far to many families are suffering the loss of a loved one.

Today’s Numbers

1,007,310 tested/ 318,953 positive/ 19,415 fatalities
100,272 tested/ 30,097 positive/ 1,101 fatalities

We have not received updated data for the Village since Friday. NYS has a large backlog from the past. The County is working through the data and will share when accurate. We anticipate we will see a big jump in the number of positive cases when this backlog of data comes through.

The Governor reviewed the CDC Guidelines to Open:

-14 days of decline in total hospitalizations & deaths on 3 day rolling average
-Regions with few cases can not exceed 15 new total cases or 5 new deaths on 3 day rolling average
-Fewer than 2 new cases admitted per 100k residents
-Must have at least 30% total hospital and icu beds available
-Hospitals must have at least 90 day supply of PPE
- Must have available 30 tests for every 1000 residents
-Must have 30 contact tracers per 100,000 residents and additional based on number of cases

The Governor outlined 4 phases in which businesses and organizations would reopen. No time frames were provided.

-Phase one will include construction, manufacturing and supply chain, select retail and curbside pickup.
-Phase two will include professional services, finance and insurance, retail, administrative support, real estate and rental leasing.
-Phase three includes restaurants, food services and hotels. Phase four will include arts, entertainment, recreation and education.

Westchester County announced it was given authorization to began a program to test all residents in nursing homes. Testing started today.

For Businesses

NYS Economic Development PPP Checklist
OSHA guidance for Restaurants with take-out or curbside pick up

5/3/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Key indicators continue the downward trend. Over all hospitalizations are under 10,000. Intubations are down. New hospitalizations are down to 789. Fatalities are also down slightly to 280. Still far too many lives lost.

Today’s Numbers
985,911 tested/ 316,415 positive/ 19,189 fatalities
98,610 tested/ 29,884 positive/ 1,086 fatalities

Updated data for Mount Kisco was not provided this weekend.

In preparation for possible second wave of COVID cases, NYS Department of Health will require all hospitals to have 90 day stockpile for PPE and other essential supplies. To assist in this process, NY has formed a coalition with north east states including NJ, CT, PA, DE, MA, & RI to purchase needed medical supplies. By working together we will expand purchasing power enabling more access to supplies at a fair price. Additionally, the coalition will work to sources supplies locally to reduce the dependency and completion in foreign markets.

Th Governor reminded all that the way to best thank healthcare and other front line workers is to wear masks when in public and unable to maintain the appropriate 6 foot distance from others. This will help to slow the spread of the virus and reduce hospitilizations.

Tomorrow night 7 pm is our regularly scheduled Village Board of Trustees meeting. Dr. Lewis Kohl, Chief Medical Information Officer & Senior Medical Director at CareMount will be joining us to discuss different types of COVID testing. Meeting is broadcast live on FIOS channel 20 and Altice channel 40. Will also Facebook Live.

Detailed information about testing is available at
Where to be tested locally available at


5/2/2020 Coronavirus/COVID 19 Updates

Food insecurity is a challenge for some in our Village even during good times. The economic crisis brought on by the pandemic has substantially increased need. We are fortunate to have extraordinary non-profits and partnerships in our community who are working to help reduce food insecurity. The following is the schedule listing information about those who are providing food support:

 -Thursdays 4-6 Food Distribution

At Boys & Girls Club partnering with Feeding Westchester

 -Saturdays noon-2 Food Distribution

At Neighbors Link partnering with Interfaith Food Pantry & Feeding Westchester

- On going
Interfaith Food Pantry
Grocery delivery to homebound seniors and families in quarantine

-Tuesdays & Fridays
Bedford Central School District - multiple locations in the Village
6 days breakfast and lunch for students

-Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Mount Kisco Senior Dietary Program
6 days lunch delivered to homebound seniors
Contact 666-8931

The Governor shared that new hospitalizations reduced slightly and are now below 900. Net hospitalizations and intubations continue to drop. Fatalities were slightly up.

Today’s Numbers
959,017 tested/ 312,977 positive/ 18,909 fatalities
96,801 tested/ 29,626 positive/ 1,067 fatalities

Governor Cuomo issued an executive order delaying school board elections and budget votes statewide until June 9, 2020. Elections will be done via postal mail with a ballot being sent to all registered voters. Those wanting to run for office do not need to gather petition signatures. They must contact the school district clerk to register as a candidate.

Westchester County is launching Bicycle Sundays on the Bronx River Parkway is this weekend. This year’s course will begin on Main Street in White Plains and end at Scarsdale Road in Yonkers. Face masks and social distancing will be strictly enforced.

COVID Diagnostic testing is available at multiple locations for Village residents, first responders and staff. Options include CareMount Medical Group, Open Door Family Medical Center, and a drive-through facility in Bedford Hills. Details available at
Drive-through location at the Bedford Hills Commuter Parking Lot opened today. More than 120 samples were taken for diagnostic testing. Will be open twice a week; Saturdays and Tuesdays. Patients MUST register in advance at

Important to note, as we see increased diagonstic testing availability, we will likely see increase in the number of cases in the Village.

Many folks were out today walking, running and bicycling through the Village and in Leonard Park. Thank you to all who were so diligent in abiding by social distancing protocols. Reminder to all that Village code requires all dogs to be on a leash in any public place.

5/1/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor announced all schools and colleges in NYS will be closed through the end of the school year. Schools must begin to reimagine how they will implement social distancing and other safety precautions for opening in September. No decisions have yet be made with reference to summer school or camps.

30 days ago the spread of infection was steadily increasing. Actions taken by all New Yorkers changed the upward trajectory and reduced the potential hospitalizations by about 100,000. The current question is how far and how fast will the spread decline. New hospitalizations have been just under 1,000 for the past few days. That number is still too high to manage for our hospital system. Since this number has been consistent over the past few days, NYS is going to look more closely at those who are recently hospitalized to gather more specific information to determine their behaviors. Expecting that analyzing more data will lead to alternate ideas and solutions to reducing the spread. Today fatality rate was down slightly.

Today’s Numbers

927,438 tested/ 308,314 positive/ 18,610 fatalities
94,442 tested/ 29,232 positive/ 1,049 fatalities

Since testing began, 216 individual in Mount Kisco have tested positive. Based on dates, 133 should be resolved resulting in 33 active cases.

Sadly, there has been a substantial increase in domestic violence in NYS. Additionally, increased anxiety and stress has resulted in mental health concerns for many, particularly for frontline workers. Different support lines are available to help all those in need
-Domestic Violence Helpline 1-844-997-2121
-Emotional Support Helpline 1-844-863-9314 Additional resources at
-Crisis Text Line for Frontline Healthcare Heros Text NYFRONTLINE to 741-741

Reminder, NYS is requiring all to wear covering over nose and mouth when in public and unable to maintain at least 6 feet distance from others. If you are in an enclosed space such as a grocery, pharmacy, or picking up take-out food you should be wearing a face covering. When out for solitary or family exercise we recommend having a face covering with you so it can be worn if you are inadvertently near others when on the sidewalk or in the park.


4/30/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Working in cooperation with Bedford Supervisor Chris Burdick, the Village is providing Mount Kisco residents with an additional option for COVID diagnostic testing. In addition to CareMount and Open Door testing, Bedford and Mount Kisco residents can register online for a drive-through test. This testing site, located in the Bedford Hills Commuter Parking Lot, will be open Saturday and Tuesday 8 am-4 pm. (This Saturday 8 am -10 am appointments will be reserved for First Responders.) Full details regarding local testing options are available at

Testing capacity across the state has substantially expanded. Today the Governor shared that the next important step toward “Un-PAUSING" is to put together a system for contact tracing. This involves tracing and identifying those who have come into contact with individuals who have tested positive. The objective is to make them aware and direct them to be tested too. All those who test positive should be quarantined until they are no longer contagious.

It is estimated that NYS will need up to 17,000 tracers to do this work. Bloomberg Philanthropies & Johns Hopkins University have put together a system to hire and train contact tracers. As we expand testing in the Village, we will work with the Westchester Department of Health to use these resources to put a contact tracing system in place.

Across NYS new hospitalizations are slightly down and are below 1000. Fatalities are also slightly lower. The goal is to have new hospitalizations below half of the current number.

Today’s Numbers
900,636 tested/ 304,372 positive/ 18,321
92,829 tested/ 28,970 positive/ 1,031

In Mount Kisco a total of 203 individuals have tested positive. Based on dates, 129 should have resolved resulting in 74 active cases.

In an effort to ensure the safety of essential workers who use public transportation, the MTA is going to stop train service from 1 am - 5 am daily to disinfect all trains. This includes MetroNorth and LIRR. They will provide buses and other alternate transport during these hours.

Northern Westchester Hospital provided community update this afternoon. They shared that the number of COVID patients has reduced by more than 50%. They reminded community members that the hospital is fully operational and this it is and has been safe for those who have other health needs.

Reminder that those who do not have their County Property Taxes payments postmarked 4/30, will benefit from a reduced penalty schedule. Those who certify economic hardship due to COVID, can defer payment until July 15. Applications for deferred payment are due by May 15. Full details are available at…/finance_depar…/tax_relief.php

 4/29/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Net hospitalizations and intubations were down. New hospitalizations were flat at about 1000. Fatalities were also consistent from prior day. We are making progress but are not yet in a good place. Looking to have new hospitalizations less than half the current rate.

872,481 tested/ 299,691positive/ 18,015 fatalities
90,987 tested/ 28,626 positive/ 1006 fatalities

Just 10 days after easing restrictions, Germany has seen an increases in virus transmission. With this in mind, the Governor again reviewed criteria to be monitored when reopening. This includes:
- Availability of at least 30% of hospital and ICU beds after elective surgeries resume
- Hospitalizations and diagnostic testing show no statistically significant increase
- Rate of Transfer (RT) is 1.1 or less.

NYS has increased testing capacity going from 20,000 tests per day to 30,000. The goal is to get to maximum capacity which is 40,000 per day.

To date, approximately 9% of Westchester's population has been tested for COVID. We are fortunate in Mount Kisco to have access to CareMount Medical Group and Open Door Family Medical Center. Both of these health care providers are offering COVID diagnostic testing. Those that are feeling symptomatic, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, can be tested through these organizations. Additionally, we are working on providing access to a drive-through diagnostic testing facility. Will advise when that information is available.

Serology testing, which identifies the presence of COVID antibodies is available at CareMount and at Westchester Medical Center. The presence of antibodies indicate that an individual had the virus. There has not been a determination if the presence of antibodies indicate immunity. Testing for COVID antibodies will provide an understanding of what percentage of the population has had the virus. Those who do have antibodies can donate plasma for treating current patients.

Elective surgeries will now be permitted in some upstate regions. They continue to be on hold in Westchester.

In response to concerns raised by pregnant women, the Governor formed a task force to make recommendations for alternative birthing centers and to minimize the effect of coronavirus on pregnancy. The Governor adopted the group’s recommendations in the following report:…/042920_CMTF_Recommendations.p…

Beginning tomorrow, April 30th, parking at Leonard Park will be available only in the front parking lot, to ensure the safety of increased pedestrian activity. Only authorized vehicles will be permitted beyond the posted barricades. We appreciate everyone's assistance in creating a safe environment for all.


4/28/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

County Property Tax payments are due April 30, 2020. Individual property owners and businesses experiencing economic hardship, can defer payment to July 15. Those unable to demonstrate hardship will benefit from a reduced penalty schedule. For details and forms (available in English and Spanish) to certify economic hardship go to…/finance_depar…/tax_relief.php

New hospitalizations declined to under 1,000 yesterday. All of the key indicators continue to trend downward. Still, theses numbers must continue to reduce to get to a safe level for reopening, particularly in Westchester and in other downstate regions.

Today’s Numbers
844,994 tested/ 295,106 positive/ 17,638 fatalities
89,144 tested/ 28,245 positive/ 983 fatalities

Since testing began, 198 individuals in the Village have tested positive. Based on dates 116 should be resolved resulting in 82 active cases.

The Governor introduced the measurement of a "danger zone” which NYS will be watching during reopening.
Danger zone if:
-Hospital capacity reaches 70%
-Transmission reaches 1.1 R/T (This means a person who tests positive infects more than 1 person. Currently transmission rate is .8 R/T)

Systems that must be in place to open:
30% of hospital beds and 30% of ICU beds must be available.
Must have testing capacity for
- Individuals who are symptomatic
- Individuals who came into contact with a symptomatic person
- Front line workers
System for contact tracing that includes 30 tracers for every 100,000 people
Need isolation facilities for those who can not self-isolate
Oversight control center to watch all the indicators

More details on reopening at…/amid-ongoing-covid-19-pandemi…

Open Door Family Medical Center…/locations-hou…/mount-kisco is performing diagnostic testing to identify individuals with an active virus. CareMount Medical Group is performing diagnostic and antibody testing. Those who are not currently CareMount patients are welcome to call or go to their Urgent Care facility. The Village is working with Bedford Town Supervisor, Chris Burdick to site a drive-through diagnostic testing site. We anticipate we will be sharing more information shortly.

Northern Westchester Hospital has scheduled a community update on Thursday 4-5 pm Connect via zoom


4/27/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Total hospitalization count is flat from yesterday. Fatalities slightly reduced. 1000 new COVID cases were admitted to hospitals. NYS is looking to see these numbers decline further before reopening can be considered safe.

Today’s Numbers

826,095 tested/ 291,996 positive/17,303 fatalities
87,736 tested/ 28,007 positive/ 962 fatalities

Since testing began, 196 individuals in the village have tested positive. Based on dates, 112 should be resolved resulting in 83 active cases.

After May 15, some parts of NYS will slowly being to “Un-PAUSE.” In other areas the PAUSE regulations will remain in effect. The decisions will be based on level of infection in the different regions. Key factors for decision making are hospitalization rate, antibody testing to determine level of infection, availability of diagnostic testing and the overall infection ratio.

In NYS 7,500 people have had antibody testing to assess the overall infection rate. 14.9% of the population has had the virus.

The Village is working with local health care providers to ensure the availability of testing for all who need it. Open Door Family Medical Center…/locations-hou…/mount-kisco is performing diagnostic testing to identify individuals with an active virus. CareMount Medical Group is performing diagnostic and antibody testing. Those who are not currently CareMount patients are welcome to call or go to their Urgent Care facility. Additionally, the Village is working with Bedford Town Supervisor, Chris Burdick to possibly open a drive-through diagnostic testing site. Will provide more information as it is available.

Food banks are seeing a surge in demand across NYS. There is a 200% increase in demand in Westchester. The Governor announced $25 million in emergency funding will go to food banks. Thanks to the work of Neighbors Link, Boys and Girls Club and Feeding Westchester, there will be two food distributions weekly. Thursdays 4 pm-6 pm at the Boys and Girls Club and Saturdays noon-2 at Neighbors Link. This will be the ongoing schedule. Anyone in need is welcome at these distributions.

The NYS Board of Elections cancelled the Democratic Presidential Primary. Voters will still have the opportunity to cast primary ballots for Congressional and State representatives on June 23.

Northern Westchester Hospital has scheduled a community update on Thursday 4-5 pm with Derek Anderson, Executive Director, Dr. Michael Rosenberg, VP, Physician Surgical Services & Associate Medical Director and Dr. Navid Mootabar, Chief of Ob/Gyn Connect via zoom

Blue Angels and Thunderbirds doing a flyover downstate NY & NJ to honor health care and essential workers. Should be over Westchester 12:20-12:40.


4/26/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor shared that the key data points continue to descend including net hospitalization rate and intubation. Still, 1,000 new COVID hospitalizations and 367 fatalities yesterday.

Today’s Numbers
805,350 tested/ 288,045 positive/ 16,966 fatalities
85,972 tested/ 27,664 positive/ 946 fatalities

Reopening Federal CDC guidance indicates state and regional hospitalization rate must be on decline for 14 days. Full guidance and criteria from CDC for reopening

NYS is on PAUSE until 5/15. Will reopen in phases based on regional analysis. The first businesses to reopen will be construction and manufacturing with low risk. Will then monitor effects of openings on virus data points for two weeks (incubation period) and act accordingly. If no substantive increase in infection, then more businesses will open. The Governor is asking businesses to generate plans on how they plan to reopen safely taking into account all the guidance.

Reopening will need a coordinated effort with CT & NJ so that openings or attractions do not draw a large number of visitors from outside a local area.

NYS reopening is going to be a methodical step-by-step process that will evolve based on hospitalization rates.


4/25/20202 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

New hospitalizations are down to about 1,100 which is approximately the same level as 21 days ago. Fatalities yesterday had a slight increase. Sadly we lost 437 New Yorkers yesterday.

Diagnostic and antibody testing continues to be the focus. Currently performing an average of 20,000 tests per day. Goal is to process 40,000 per day.

Expanding lab capabilities means there is now the ability to expand testing locations. To this end, the Governor is authorizing independent pharmacists to be testing sites. Additionally he has expanded testing criteria and eligibility to include first responders and all essential workers.

NYS has begun antibody testing on healthcare workers in 4 NYC hospitals. Starting next week, antibody testing will begin for first responders and transit workers.

Today’s Numbers
777,568 tested/ 282,143 positive/ 16,599 fatalities
27,231 tested/ 27,231 positive/ 920 fatalities

Since tracking began, 185 Village residents have tested positive. Based on dates, 104 should be resolved resulting in 81 active cases.

Mount Kisco is working with Town of Bedford Supervisor, Chris Burdick to expand testing locally. We are seeking to have a drive through diagnostic testing site locally and expand the capacity at existing local healthcare facilities. We will provide more information as plans are confirmed.


4/24/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19

The number of new hospital entries are slightly down, as is the number of fatalities. These numbers must come down before we can reopen. The Governor shared concerns that reopening too soon puts NYS at risk of another wave of infection. The second wave could be substantial and possibly worse than the first wave of infection.

Today’s Numbers
730,656 tested/ 271,590 positive/ 16,162 fatalities
81,553 tested/ 26,633 positive/ 891 fatalities


Taking a look back, The Governor shared that while the US implemented a travel ban from China on February 2, there were 13,000 flights from Europe to NY & NJ airports carrying over 2.2 million people. Research is now showing there was likely 28,000 COVID cases in the US in February, including 10,000 cases in NY. These cases were likely carried to NYS from Europe. Lesson to learn is that an outbreak anywhere is an outbreak everywhere.

The Governor previously signed an Executive Order permitting all voters to vote via absentee ballot (via postal mail.) This means voters will not be required to go to a polling location. To simplify this process he has asked County Boards of Elections to send all registered voters an application to apply for absentee ballot. This makes the process to vote via mail easier.

New Yorkers suffering from domestic violence and are in need of help or assistance can text 844-997-2121 or can go to the new confidential online site to reach a professional on


4/23/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

County Property Tax payments are due April 30, 2020. As a result of Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.22 and changes made by the Westchester Board of Legislators and the County Executive's office to amend County Law 283.221, individual property owners and businesses experiencing economic hardship, can defer payment to July 15. Those unable to demonstrate hardship will benefit from a reduced penalty schedule. Forms to certify hardship and full details will be available tomorrow on Village website under Quick Links. We will post a direct link on FB when available.

The Governor shared today that net hospitalizations, icu entries and intubations are again down. However new hospitalizations and fatalities remain relatively flat. We need to see these numbers decline before we can consider reopening the economy.

Today’s Numbers
695,920 tested/ 263,460 positive/ 15,740 fatalities
78,881 tested/ 25,959 positive/ 863 fatalities

In Mount Kisco 176 individuals have tested positive. Based on dates, 101 should be resolved, resulting in 75 active cases.

There are continuing concerns about the number of fatalities in nursing homes. The Governor issued a series of Executive Orders in March outlining regulations that must be followed in nursing homes during this crisis. Attorney General Letitia James will begin an investigation to determine if here were any violations of Executive Orders.

An Antibody Testing Study was done using 3000 random people from across the state. The samples were collected over two days in 19 counties and 40 different locations. The objective was to determine the infection rate in NYS. Preliminary Phase I data shows 13.9% of the test group have COVID-19 antibodies, meaning they have had the virus. Extrapolating 13.9% to the broader NYS population would translate to 2.7 million people have contracted the virus statewide. Different regions had different results. (See chart below.) This supports the idea of different timeframe for opening economy in different regions.

More information about antibody testing available at…/updated-13102-nysdoh-wa…

Reminder, New Yorkers can call the COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline at 1-844-863-9314 for mental health counseling.


4/22/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19

As shared yesterday, an Executive Order authorizes County Executive Latimer to permit Towns to defer County Property Tax payment until July 15 without penalty for property owners who have experienced financial hardship due to the Coronavirus. Information on how to certify financial hardship will be posted on the Village website tomorrow.

Northern Westchester Hospital provided an update today on current activity. They shared data and indicated that number of COVID patients is decreasing. The snapshot below shows a narrow view of NWH activity just specific to COVID patients.

NWH is participating in 3 COVID clinical trials including:
-Supress Viral Replication using Hydroxychloroquine and Famotidine
-Boost the Immune System through Convalescent Plasma
-Treat Inflammatory Lung Injury using Odyssey
These trials will hopefully help identify effective treatments for patients with COVID-19.

The Field Hospital set up in the parking lot has not been used. It is in place as a precaution to provide additional beds should the need arise.

NWH is extremely appreciated for the support of the entire community.

Today the Governor shared that key data indicators continue to descend. There is not yet an understanding of how long it will take to substantially reduce the spread of the virus so that it is at a manageable level. The number of new COVID patients entering hospitals is stable, but still too high. Same is true for fatalities.

Today’s Numbers
669,982 tested/ 257,216 positive/ 15,302 fatalities
75,564 tested/ 25,276 positive/ 838 fatalities

Since tracking began, 172 Mount Kisco residents have tested positive. Based on dates, 92 should be resolved, leaving 80 active cases.

The Governor indicated he and the President had a productive meeting yesterday. They delineated roles and responsibilities for testing. They also discussed the need for state funding for economic stimulus. The President agreed to waive 25% FEMA matching funds for NY.

Focus in NY is to substantially ramp up testing to identify positive cases, trace all contacts and isolate. Maximum number of possible tests NY labs can process is 40,000 per day. This will be critical for reopening the economy.

Michael Bloomberg and Bloomberg Philanthropies is committing $10.5 million, along with organizational support and technical assistance, to help build and implement a Contact Tracing Program. Additionally, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health will build an online curriculum and training program for contact tracers.

The Governor signed an Executive Order that waives the 15-day waiting period for public employees to receive retirement benefits. This allows families who may lose a relative to Coronavirus to receive these benefits sooner.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke today with Westchester County officials to discuss the most recent bill passed by the Senate. This $484 billion package includes $380 billion for small businesses, $75 Billion for hospitals and $25 billion for testing. The legislation includes an additional $310 billion for the Paycheck Protecion Program (PPP), including $60 billion specifically for community banks and smaller lenders.

Three food distributions are planned for this week for those in need.

Thursday 4/23 -
4-5 pm Boys & Girls Club Families
5-6 pm Mount Kisco general public
Location - Boys & Girls Club

Saturday 4/25
Location -Neighbors Link

Saturday 4/25
Prepared Meals by local restaurants
Location - North Moger Parking Lot (by HomeGoods)


 4/21/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

On behalf of property owners and municipalities across Westchester, County Executive George Latimer advocated to the Governor to waive penalties for late payments on county taxes for those who are experiencing financial hardship related to COVID-19.

In response, the Governor issued an Executive Order authorizing the Westchester County Executive to waive late fees to July 15 for those who are experincing COVID-19 related hardship.

To provide assistance to the cities and towns that collect these taxes, the Executive Order allows for the County Executive to accept less than the 60% of the taxes due on May 25 from towns and cities, as long as the municipalities waive residents’ late fees for the late payment of County property taxes up to July 15, 2020.

To have the fee waived, the resident or business must certify economic hardship caused by COVID-19. The threshold for the certification requires that a resident:
- qualifies for the STAR exemption, (Westchester is primary residence, make less than $250,000)
- is not paying property taxes through an escrow account (which would be via a bank)
- can demonstrate they have suffered loss of substantial employment income as a result of COVID-19
Specific criteria for commercial properties has not yet been outlined.

Total hospitalizations have continued to fall for eight straight days. Though this is encouraging news, there were 1300 new hospitalizations yesterday and 481 fatalities. The virus continues to spread.

Today’s Numbers
649,325 tested/ 251,690 positive/ 14,828 fatalities
74,548 tested/ 24,656 positive/ 809 fatalities

A total of 162 individuals in the Village have tested positive. Based on dates, 87 should be resolved resulting in 75 active cases.

The Governor shared that reopening decisions will be made on a regional basis depending on the rate of infection in the different areas across the state. He announced that elective out-patient surgeries can resume in Counties where there is no significant risk of a COVID-19 surge. Restrictions remain in place in Albany, Bronx, Clinton, Dutchess, Erie, Kings, Nassau, New York, Orange, Queens, Rensselaer, Richmond, Rockland, Schuyler, Suffolk, Sullivan, Ulster, Westchester and Yates

The Federal Government passed another stimulus package to provide additional aid to health care facilities and for COVID testing. The bill also doubles the amount for the small-business loan program and adds additional money to expand the Payroll Protection Program.

Westchester Count Economic Development has partnered with Volunteer NY to provide assistance for small businesses to complete federal loan applications. This is link to register for assistance.…/a075A00000fjOhnQAE…&


4/20/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor shared that all data points are stable. The question, which will be determined over the next week or two, is how quickly will these data points decline to a level where the infection rate is low enough to slowly reopen.

There was again a decline in fatalities, still 478 people passed away yesterday from COVID.

The Governor pressed hard on the need for Federal stimulus funding for NYS. He indicated that if the Federal Government did not provide financial support, the result will be a 20% reduction in NYS funding to local governments, hospitals and schools.

The NYS Department of Labor has created a new form allowing gig workers, contractors and self employed to complete one form which is then shared with Federal Government for the pandemic unemployment insurance.

633,861 tested/ 247,512 positive/ 14,347fatalities
73,340 tested/ 24,306 positive/ 776 fatalities

In the Village 158 individuals tested positive. Based on dates, 85 should be resolved, leaving 73 active cases.

Based on newly released guidance from NYS, the County plans to open Mohansic and Hudson Hills golf courses on Saturday 4/24. The County is also woking to facilitate the return of Bicycle Sundays in May.

the Village does not yet have information regarding approval to open our pool or summer camp. These decisions are based on direction from the Governor. We anticipate we will have a better understanding after May 15.


4/19/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

NYS Comptroller put together a Financial Survival Toolkit to help identify all the resources available to assist New Yorkers during this financial crisis.…

The Governor again shared that all data points are trending down. It appears we are past the high point. If this trend holds, the rate of infection is on the decent. The actions of the public have directly impacted the numbers.

Though the key data points continue to decline, there were still 1300 new hospitalizations yesterday. 507 New Yorkers passed away yesterday from COVID and nursing homes continue to be a tremendous concern.

Today’s Numbers
617,555 tested/ 242,786 positive/ 13,869 fatalities
71,741 tested/ 23,803 positive/ 743 fatalities

NYS is working to scale up testing to
- Determine how many people have been infected and resolved
- Identify new cases, trace contact and isolate those who are positive.
NYS is working with CDC. Also need financial assistance from the Federal Government.

A random sample of 3,000 New Yorkers will participate in antibody testing to estimate the percentage of the population that has already had COVID-19 and may now be immune. This will be the first true understanding of the rate of infection across the population.

The Governor has signed Executive Orders permitting marriage licenses to be issued and for ceremonies to be performed online.

New Guidance has been issued for marinas and golf courses.


4/18/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor shared that the key data points indicate we may have passed the plateau as we see net hospitalizations, icu entries and intubations continue to reduce. Still we have approximately 2000 new hospitalizations a day. Fatalities are lower, however it is tragic that 540 individuals passed away yesterday due to COVID.

Testing is the key to monitoring the rate of infection and controlling it. If we test we find those who are positive with COVID. Then we trace all their contacts and test them. All individuals who test positive are then isolated. This is how we will control the spread of the virus while reopening.

Though NY has done more testing than any other state or country per capita, scaling up widespread testing remains a huge challenge. To perform testing local labs require equipment, tests and testing chemicals (known as reagents.) The local labs have indicated they have the equipment needed to scale up however the reagent supply chain is unreliable. Difficult to get the quantity needed. The Federal Government regulates the manufacturers. The Governor is asking for help on the supply chain and distribution of the needed supplies.

Today’s Numbers
596,532 tested/ 236,732 positive/ 12,192 fatalities
69,608 tested/ 23,179 positive/ 668 fatalities

In the Village 146 people have tested positive. Based dates, 81 should be resolved leaving 65 active cases.

The County Legislature voted to reduce late penalties for County Tax payments. Payments are due 4/30. Payment made 5/1-5/31 will have a penalty of .5% (previously 2%). Payments made 6/1-715 will have a penalty of 1% (previously 5%) To provide perspective, the average market value of a home in MK is $457,500. County tax bill is $1,792. If paid between 5/1-31 penalty would be $8.96 (previously $35.84) If paid 6/1-7/15 penalty is $17.05 (previously $89.60)

4/17/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

The Governor again shared numbers that demonstrate the downward trend on net change in hospitalizations, icu admissions, and intubations.

New hospitalizations remains steady at approximately 2000 per day. Yesterday we lost 630 New Yorkers. Slightly lower than prior days, but still far too many.

The Governor reiterated it will be 12-18 months before a vaccine is available. Hoping to have a medical treatment between now and then which would be a short-term solution until a vaccine is available.

Review of crisis response to date includes initial crisis remediation and a planned strategy going forward.
Phase 1 - Bring down infection rate (1.4 people infection rate reduced to .9) and ramp up hospital system.
We are now transitioning to:
Phase 2 - Plan reopening while keeping infection rate below 1. (Yesterday's update provides explanation of measuring infection rate.) Expand testing, tracing and isolating. Stabilize NYS finances.

Testing is an integral component to reopening the economy. To increase capacity, the Governor is signing an Executive Order requiring all NYS public and private labs to coordinate efforts and prioritize COVID and antibody testing.

NYS has put together additional detailed information about Economic Impact payments.…/al…/stimulus-checks-information.htm

For those who are not aware, sorry to inform that the SBA loan funding allocation from the Federal Government has maxed out. In a recent call with Senator Schumer, he indicated the Senate and House of Representatives are woking on another stimulus package. Will provide further details as they are available.

US Chamber of Commerce has opened the Save Small Business Fund
They are also providing access for all to a Small Business Tool Kit…

Today’s numbers
573,223 tested/ 229,642 positive/ 12,192 fatalities
67,310 tested/ 22,476 positive/ 668 fatalities

In the Village, a total of 141 individuals tested positive. Based on dates, 71 should be resolved which would result in 70 active cases.

Westchester County has released a COVID Determination Tree which will help individuals determine if they should be in quarantine, isolation or exercise caution depending on your potential exposure to COVID-19…/8387-do-i-need-to-quaranti…

Two new testing locations are being opened in Westchester; one in Yonkers and one in Mount Vernon. Testing will be available by appointment only. The County is advocating for a drive through testing location in Northern Westchester.

Neighbors Link and Feeding Westchester are facilitating a food distribution for anyone in need. Tomorrow 4/18 noon-2. 27 Columbus Ave. Walkers use Columbus Ave. Cars use Kiscona Road (remain in your car.)

April and May birthday children who are unable to celebrate with friends, have a fun opportunity. The Fire Department will help celebrate with a suprise birthday drive-by. To schedule, email indicated requested date, address and phone number. Please bear in mind they need a few days lead time.


4/16/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

NY PAUSE extended to May 15 in coordination with surrounding states. This means non-essenatial workers remain home.

Effective tomorrow Friday, 4/17 all New Yorkers must wear a cloth covering or mask covering their mouth and nose when in public and unable to social distance. This includes when riding on public transportation, private transportation carriers and for-hire vehicles, on crowded streets, and in enclosed public spaces such as grocery.

All data points including hospitalization rates, ICU admissions and intubations are down. New cases have leveled off at approximately 2000. Sadly there were 606 fatalities yesterday. Though this number has also leveled, it is still too high.

Today’s Numbers
550,579 tested/ 222,284 positive/ 12,192 fatalities
65,268 tested/ 21,828 positive/ 668 fatalities

In Mount Kisco a total of 133 individuals tested positive. Based on dates of positive tests, 61 cases should be resolved. This would result in 72 active cases.

Infection rate is the measurement of how fast the virus is spreading. If 1 person infects less than 1 other person, the spread is under control. If one person infects 1 other person, the spread is stable. If 1 person infects 2 people, this becomes an outbreak. Due to NY PAUSE, the current infection rate in NY is .9 (less than 1) To give a comparison, Wuhan is currently .3. Hospitalizations rates increase at 1.2. Key to reopening is keeping the infection rate below 1.

Plan to “Un-Pause” involves controlling the infection rate, strengthening the healthcare system, expanding coronavirus testing and tracing contacts and antibody testing, phasing in business and system openings. As infection rate goes down, more businesses will open. Government analysis is underway. Need the private sector to reimagine the workplace to make it safe. What procedures and practices can be put in place? How can you keep customers and employees safe?
More on the plan outline…/amid-ongoing-covid-19-pandemi…

All guidance and related information from NYS


4/15/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

The IRS has begun to issue Economic Impact payments. For more details go to:

SCAM ALERT: No one from the IRS or Federal Government is going to phone or ask you to provide information with reference the Economic Impact payment. The payment will be made to the bank account you have on file with your 2018 or 2019 tax returns, or via a check mailed to the address on your tax returns. You should not provide your social security number or any other personal information to anyone over the phone, via email, online or in any other format.

The Governor announced that beginning Friday, April 17, all New Yorkers must wear a mask or cloth covering their mouth and nose when in public. The covering must be worn in situations where you are not maintaining social distancing. For example when on a busy street or on public transportation or in a grocery store.

Hospitalizations, ICU entries and intubations all continue to trend downward. These key data points have stabilized. However, there are still more than 2,000 new hospital entires a day and yesterday we again lost more than 750 New Yorkers to the virus.

Since the spread has stabilized and we have a clear understanding of the equipment needed, NYS is able to send ventilators to Michigan and Maryland where they are currently needed.

The Governor also announced that NYS will begin conducting antibody tests, prioritizing healthcare workers, first responders and other essential workers. The state has the capability to perform up to 2,000 tests per day. NYS is asking the FDA to expedite approval so that the antibody finger prick test could be scaled up by private companies to increase testing capacity to 100,000 per day.

We are 12-18 months from availability of a vaccine. Until then precautions must be put in place to "do no harm." Ultimately reopening the economy must involve the availability of large scale antibody testing to identify who has had the virus and resolved. Those individuals are thought to be immune. Bear in mind 19 million people live in NY. Most, if not all, would need to be tested for immunity. Additionally to control the spread, more testing is needed to determine active COVID cases. A full system will also need to be put in place to do contact tracing for all who test positive to isolate individuals who have come in contact with someone who has tested positive. NYS will require federal funding and assistance to make this happen.

The Governor provided some insight to how reopening businesses and other systems would happen. Will need to assess “How essential is the business service or product? What is the risk of infection spread related to that business? What precautions can be put in place to limit the spread? (See attached charts.)

Today’s Numbers
526,012 tested/ 213,779 positive/ 11,586 fatalities
62,626 tested/ 20,947 positive/ 640 fatalities

A total of 123 Mount Kisco residents have tested positive for COVID-19. Based on date of testing, we estimate 56 of the cases have been resolved, which would result in 67 currently active cases.

County Executive Latimer shared that of the fatalities in Westchester, between 35 and 40% have been in nursing homes. 65% percent of the deceased were 70 years or older. 6% were 40 years old or younger.

Westchester Economic Development has partnered with Volunteer NY to help small businesses navigate applying for federal aid. Businesses and potential volunteers can go to

Community Update from Northern Westchester Hospital can be viewed at

The College Board has cancelled June SAT. NYS Regents exams are cancelled.


4/14/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor shared that our actions determine our destiny. We changed the curve. Every initial projection had a high rate of hospitalizations and fatalities. We are changing the curve every day; staying home and social distancing has reduced the spread. Our actions today determine the infection rate tomorrow.

New hospitalizations and 3 day average is down. Net change in ICU admissions is down. Net change in intubations is also down. Still, there were 1600 new hospitalizations yesterday. That volume is still high.

Though the number of fatalities has flattened, there were far too many lives lost yesterday.

New cases and hospitalizations outside of NYC have been stable.

There was no further substantive discussion of when or how the economy would reopen.

Today’s Numbers
499,143 tested/ 202,208 positive/ 10,834 fatalities
60,607 tested/ 20,191 positive/ 596 fatalities

A total of 123 people in the Village have tested positive.

The Westchester County Board of Legislators is evaluating a law to substantially reduce penalties for late payments of County taxes. County taxes are due by 4/30. If paid 5/1-5/31 penalty would be .5% rather than 2%. If paid 6/1-7/15 the penalty would be 1% rather than 5%. Penalties would return to standard schedule beginning 7/16. County is accepting written comment at

 4/13/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

As part of the Federal CARES Act, the IRS is making Economic Impact payments to US citizens. To determine if you are eligible go to:…/economic-impact-payment-information-c…

Today the Governor shared that the curve tracking the spread of the virus continues to flatten at a plateau. Total hospitalizations on 3 day average is down. Net change in ICU admissions is also down. Net change in intubations is also down. New COVID hospitalizations are consistent at about 2000 per day. Fatalities are slightly down, but still at a level that is far too high.

The stabilized numbers are a direct result of the stay-at-home and physical distancing efforts of all New Yorkers. The numbers will go up if we abandon these practices. We must all continue to be determined and stay the course.

Reopening is a delicate balance of managing public health and economic benefit. We must learn lessons from other countries and ensure we continue to make public health the priority. The Governor wanted to set the appropriate expectation. Turning the economy on is not going to be like an on/off switch. It will be a slow progression toward gradually reopening. There will likely not be a vaccine for 12-18 months.

The Governor announced a task force including public health and economic experts from NY, CT, NJ, PA, DE, and RI to focus on a regional reopening plan. All systems need be coordinated including businesses, transportation and schools. The Governor indicated that NYS will need federal support. The plan will include ways to ease isolation and slowly increase economic activity. This will likely modify what businesses are essential services, apply testing and precautions and watch infection and hospitalization rates.

Today's Numbers
478,357 tested/ 195,031 positive/ 10,056 fatalities
59,462 tested/ 19,786 positive/ 557 fatalities

114 Village residents have tested positive.

If you have lost employment and need health insurance through the NYS Health Marketplace, you can contact Westchester County Health Navigators:
-Naeem Kingston by email at or by phone 914-336-6026.
-Hipolita Cabrera by email at or by phone 914-336-6935 - For Spanish Speakers.
Additionally, general questions regarding COVID-19 testing, rent issues and food distribution if related to COVID-19 will be answered by either navigator. For more information visit their website


4/12/20202 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

News is limited today.

Key metrics including hospitalizations and fatalities have stabilized. Sadly, the current rate of spread and fatalities are still far too high.

The Governor reinforced that he intends to implement a unified reopening strategy in cooperation with the NY downstate metropolitan area, NY & CT. He further indicated it is too early to determine next steps and when reopening schools and businesses will occur.

The Governor will issue an Executive Order requiring all essential businesses to provide masks to employees who interact with the public.

461,601 tested/ 188,694 positive/ 9,385 fatalities
58,299 tested/ 18,313 positive/ 511 fatalities

As of 4/11 110 Mount Kisco residents have tested positive.

Northern Westchester Hospital is hosting a Community Update - Radio host Lisa Wexler will moderate a conversation with NWH Executive Director, Derek Anderson and NWH Chair of Emergency Medicine, James Dwyer, MD. Tuesday 4/14 4 pm. Join via zoom


4/11/2020 Coronavirus/COVIS-19 Update

Hospitalization rate is at a plateau. On average, fewer people are going into the hospital. Intubations are down. The number of fatalities is stabilizing at a rate that is far too high.

We do not know when this will end. No dates have been determined for reopening businesses or schools. Many more decisions must be made with reference to when and how to reopen.


440,980 tested/ 180,458 positive/ 8,627 fatalities
56,827 tested/ 18,729 positive/ 461 fatalities

Many have not been able to get into the website to apply for unemployment benefits. A NEW unemployment website was launched to handle the huge influx of applications. If you have been unable to file, know that benefits will be retroactive to the date of job loss.

NYS established a partnership with the NYS Court System to create a pro bono network of volunteer lawyers for those in need of legal assistance assistance. Lawyers interested in countering can sign up at

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter.


4/10/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

The Governor’s message today again focused on the fact that our actions directly impact infection rate and number of cases, hospitalizations, icu entries, intubations and ultimately fatalities.

Key indicators including 3 day average on hospital admissions, icu entries and intubations are down. Again, we lost far too many New Yorkers yesterday to the virus.

The current rate of hospitalizations is substantially lower than the initial projections. It is believed this is largely due to the social distancing policies that were enacted and are being followed by New Yorkers. NY will remain on PAUSE through April 29 to continue to reduce the spread.

Today’s Numbers
417,885 tested/ 170,512 positive/ 7,844 fatalities
55,148 tested/ 18,077 positive/ 389 fatalities

The Governor also discussed a phased approach to reopening businesses. We must learn from other countries and not risk another wave of infections by reopening too soon. An essential component of reopening the economy is antibody testing. This testing will determine if an individual has had and resolved the virus, thus making them immune. In 2 weeks, NYS will have the capability to conduct 2,000 tests per day. They are calling for the Federal government and private businesses to assist in scaling up this testing. 9 million people need to get back to work and we must have the testing to do it.

Guidance released this week identifies parks and other open public spaces as essential. NYS parks, Westchester County parks and Leonard Park remain open for solitary or family exercise in accordance with this guidance. The guidance also indicated goolf courses and boat launches were not essential and should be closed.

NYS is adding $200 million in emergency food assistance to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Those enrolled who are not receiving the maximum benefit will receive an additional payment.

The Governor is requesting the Federal government create a COVID-19 Heros Compensation Fund to support frontline workers and their families. This would be similar to the 9/11 Fund established after the terrorist attacks.

Northern Westchester Hospital is hosting a Community Update on Tuesday, April 14 at 4 pm. Radio Host Lisa Wexler will moderate a conversation with Executive Director, Derek Anderson and NWH Chair of Emergency Medicine, James Dwyer, MD Join via Zoom

Mount Kisco Library Storytime videos available at


4/9/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor again shared that we are “flattening the curve” due to our effort and actions. He reported there has been a consistent reduction in hospitalizations, icu entries and intubations. Yesterday’s hospitalization rate was the lowest it has been since March 19.

Conversely, and sadly we lost 799 New Yorkers yesterday.

Today’s Numbers

391,549 tested/ 159,937 positive/ 7,067 fatalities
52,237 tested/ 17,004 positive/ 359 fatalities

103 patients have tested positive in the Village.

Updated Guidance on Essential Services was issued today by Empire State Development in accordance with the Governor’s Executive orders.

“New York Loves” is a new initiative managed through the Secretary of State and Director of Non-profits, to coordinate charities and other non-profits. They will work with local governments that need additional help.

New testing centers are opening in Brooklyn and Queens to increase testing capacity in harder hit communities.

Those who tested positive and recovered from the virus may have convalescent plasma in their blood. This has antibodies which cold help with the devloment of a treatment. If you have recovered from the virus and can donate blood please complete this form…/convalescent-plasma-covid-19-donor-requ…/

The Treasury and the IRS indicated coronavirus stimulus payments to the public began today and will continue over the next few months. The amount of payment will vary based on income and number of children in household under 17 years old. If you have filed 2019 taxes, and provided direct deposit information, your payment will go directly to your bank. If not, 2018 information will be used. If the IRS does not have your direct deposit information, they will be mailing checks.
You are eligible if you file taxes as:
-single with an adjusted gross income less than $99,000
-head of household earning under $146,500
-jointly without children and earn less than $198,000

Beginning Monday 4/13 Metro North will operate on an hourly schedule on the Harlem, Hudson and New Haven lines. Trains are running for health-care workers, first responders and essential personnel only. If you don't absolutely need to be traveling, please stay home.


4/8/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Tonight the Mount Kisco Fire Department invited first responders in neighboring communities to join them in giving thanks to the staff at Northern Westchester Hospital. The trucks rolled in from MK Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Bedford Village , Armonk, Pound Ridge, Croton Falls, Ossining, Katonah, Bedford Hills, Millwood, Pleasantville, Chappaqua & WCPD. During the shift change, they applauded and cheered as staff exited and entered the hospital. An extraordinary act at an extraordinary time: Heros cheering Heros. Inspiring!

Today the Governor called for renewed vigilance as he shared good and bad news. Sadly, the number of fatalities continues to increase. He ordered all flags in NYS to be hung at half mast in memory of those we have lost.

Hospital entries, ICU entries and intubations on three day average are all trending down. Our actions are flattening the curve. We must remain diligent and disciplined and continue doing what we have; staying home, leaving only for essentials and solitary or family exercise. If we continue on this path, the hospital system should stabilize.

Today’s Numbers
365,153 tested/ 149,316 positive/ 6,268 fatalities
49,248 tested/ 15,887 positive/ 315 fatalities

The Federal government has provided an additional $600 to those who have applied for unemployment. NYS is extending unemployment benefits by 13 weeks for a total of 39 weeks. To apply go to:

All NYS elections were moved to June. The Governor will be signing an executive order allowing all voters to cast absentee ballots. To request a ballot go to link below. Check the box for temporary illness.…/2015absen…

If you are experiencing anxiety or stress that has begun to affect your daily life and you feel you need support, call the Westchester County Office of Community Mental Health (914) 995-1900 (8am – 8pm) or text (914) 461-7281

Alternately, New Yorkers can call the NYS COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline at 1-844-863-9314 for mental health counseling.

Wishing a blessed Passover to all who celebrate.


4/7/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

 Today the Governor stressed that our actions directly impact the numbers. Social distancing and staying home directly correlate to “bending the curve” and slowing the spread of the infection. Though the number of identified cases continues to go up, the number of hospitalizations, icu entries and intubations are stabilizing. The import message: What we do effects the numbers. Your actions impact others.


340,058 tested/ 138,836 positive/5,489 fatalities
46,701 tested/ 14,804 positive/ 283 fatalities

NYS is closely managing the hospital system which relies on beds, staff and equipment. Currently have 90,000 beds. Staffing is stressed. Some are getting ill. Additonal 7000 staff have been hired across the system. Hospitals have the equipment they currently need. The patient load is being balanced across the hospital system. Overload relief is being provided by the Federal government with additional 3,000 beds, staff and equipment at Javitz and the USNS Comfort.

NYS is coordinating with New Jersey and Connecticut to begin planning the restart of the economy. This will involve anti-body testing to verify who has had and resolved COVID-19. NYS Department of Health has developed an antibody test to determine if an individual has had the virus and is now immune. This test is an important step towards determining whether New Yorkers are developing immunity and when they could potentially return to work or school. Working with the FDA for approvals.

Businesses interested in working with NYS to manufacture rapid COVID-19 tests on a large scale should contact Empire State Development at 212-803-3100 or

The Governor has asked the NYS Legislative delegation in Washington to pass another stimulus bill to remedy the inequities in the previous legisltaiton. NYS will need the financial support to restart the economy.

Student loan borrowers experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 can apply for 90 days of deferred monthly payments, waived late fees, no negative reporting to credit agencies and long-term assistance programs. Link below for details

It has been 37 days since the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in NYS. Thought this has been difficult and stressful for all, our actions are having a positive impact on slowing the spread of the virus. Now is the time to strengthen our resolve. If you are not an essential worker, stay home. When you leave your home for groceries or other needed item, or daily solitary or family exercise remember to maintain a physical distance between yourself and others. We can do this. We are doing this.


4/6/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor announced NY PAUSE is extended through April 29. Non-essential businesses and schools will remain closed.

Also increase social distance violations from $500 to $1000.

Today's Numbers
320,811 tested/ 130,689 positive/16,837 hospitalized/4,504 icu/ 13,366 discharged/ 4,758 fatalities
45,353 tested/14,294 positive/ 377 hospitalized/ 233 fatalities

89 Village residents have tested positive.

Overall, NYS hospitalizations, icu entry and intubations are down. Need more days of data to determine if we are at peak or plateau or apex. (Apparently each of these words mean something different. Achieving any would indicate we could be half way through.)

NYS is using multiple models to determine size, scope and severity. Early models indicated 110,000 beds needed with peak at end of April. Current tracking indicates actions taken to enact social distancing could substantially reduce the needed bed count and have us plateauing sooner. Unfortunately plateauing at this level is not sustainable for an extended period, as it is at a high level that is stressing the healthcare system.

NYS is working to releave stress on hospital system. Moving 802 ventilators to NYC, Javitz center providing 2,500 beds and healthcare staff for COVID patients. USNS Comfort will provide additional 1,000 beds used for COVID patients.

Anecdotal reports indicate hydroxychloroquine has had a positive impact on COVID patients. More data needed to

Retirees are strongly encourage to apply for direct deposit instead of receiving a monthly check by mail. To apply complete form

If a person exposed to or infected with coronavirus finds that their employer requires proof that they are eligible to return to work, letters may be requested here:…/

To help support our First Responders, New York created the First Responders Fund. The fund will assist COVID-19 health care workers and first responders with expenses and costs, including child care. The State Department of Health is accepting donations for the fund, and received an anchor $10 million contribution from Blackstone. Donations can be made electronically at
or by check mailed to "Health Research, Inc., 150 Broadway, Suite 560, Menands, NY 12204." Donors should specify the donation is for "COVID-19 NYS Emergency Response."


4/5/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

The numbers of positive cases continue to rise. However new hospitalizations and icu entry was down yesterday. Will watch over the next few days to determine if it is a positive pattern.

The Federal government sent 1000 health care personnel to assist in NY hospitals.

Pharmacies, including Walgreens and CVS, have agreed to offer free home delivery of prescriptions.

Today's Numbers
302,280 Tested/ 122,031 positive/16,479 hospitalized/ 4,376 icu/ 12,187 discharged/ 4,159 fatalities
43,955 Tested/ 13,723 positive

74% of those hospitalized have been discharged.

86 individuals have tested positive in the Village.

Reminder that Leonard Park, is to be used for solitary or family exercise. Please keep an appropriate physical distance from others. Also remember no group sports are permitted. As signs indicate, the playground equipment is not sanitized and should not be used.


4/4/2020 Coronvirus/COVID-19 Update

To increase the healthcare staffing capacity, the Governor will be signing an Executive order to allow medical students who were slated to graduate, to begin practicing.

Thank you to the state of Oregon and Governor Kate Brown! They are sending 140 ventilators to NYS to be deployed as needed. Additional 1000 ventilators coming from Chinese government and philanthropies. 500 ventilators being redeployed from NYS hospitals with limited COVID cases.

Today's Numbers
283,621 tested/ 113,704 positive/ 15,905 hospitalized/ 4,126 icu/ 10,478 discharged/ 3,565 fatalities

42,334 tested/ 13,081positive

Overall in NYS 2/3 of people hospitalized have been discharged.

Hospitalizations in Westchester has remained at a constant 6-7% of total hospitalizations in NYS.

82 Mount Kisco residents have tested positive.

NYS released a County by County tracker that is updated twice a day. Scroll to the bottom of this page to click on the tracker.

The CDC has advised that individuals can spread COVID-19 to others even if you do not feel sick.

Everyone is advised to wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public, for example to the grocery store or to pick up other necessities.

Cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

The cloth face cover is meant to protect OTHER people in case you are infected.

Do NOT use a face mask meant for a healthcare worker.

Continue to keep about 6 feet between yourself and others. The cloth face cover is not a substitute for social distancing.

Instructions for cloth face coverings…/prevent…/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html


4/3/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Thank you to Northern Westchester Hospital Executive Director, Derek Anderson and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marla Koroly for a Facebook Live Community Update. Part of the session is at We will share link to full session as soon as it is available.

The Governor shared that sourcing and allocating staff and supplies continues to be the focus in preparation for the anticipated number of cases. 21,000 people have volunteered from out-of-state to help care for patients. More than 85,400 volunteers are available to be assigned to NYS hospitals. Supplies continue to be an ongoing challenge. NYS is asking all hospitals to contribute to a central stockpile which will be redistributed based on need.

NYS will pay businesses to convert manufacturing functions to produce PPE. Supplies are needed now. Contact Empire State Development at 212 803-3100

NYS released ventilators from stockpile to NYC, Westchester and Long Island. The state is tracking locations of every ventilator in the state to reallocate as needed. New protocols have been implemented for split use of ventilators. BIPAP machines are being tested to use for venting patients. NYS continues to search for more ventilators.

FAQ from NYS Homes and Community Renewal

NYS extended open enrollment for New Yorkers to enroll in health exchange. Go to

Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security, shared that Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit payments will continue to be paid on time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today's numbers
238,965 tested/ 92,381 positive/ 13,383 hospitalized/ 3,396 icu/ 7,434 discharged/ 2,373 fatalities
39,081 tested/ 11,567 positive

74 individuals have tested positive in the Village.

County Executive Latimer proposed legislation to address the concerns of those who have experienced financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 crisis. The proposal moves penalties for late payment of county taxes from April 30 to July 15 for tax payers who can demonstrate economic hardship. Criteria for demonstrating economic hardship has not yet been identified. The legislation will be before the County Board of Legislators for review, a public hearing and ultimately and a vote.

Towns collect taxes for the County. Towns are required to pay the County 60% of the County's tax levy by May 31, regardless of how much is collected. Depending on the amount of the County levy and the number of taxpayers who demonstrate hardship, this could create a cash flow problem for many Towns. We will provide more information as the legislation moves forward.

All of our updates, resources and information regarding COVID-19 are available under Quick Links on the Village Website.


4/1/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor indicated many different models, using varying assumptions are being used by different groups to make projections about the timing and impact of the expected apex. The reality is, these are just projections, no model is definitive.

That said, below is a look at projections that are being used to prepare our hospital system when we reach the highest number of cases in NY.

With minimal compliance of social distancing

Apex at end of April
Need 110,000 beds
Need 37,000 ventilators

With high compliance of social distancing
Apex at end of April
Need 75,000 beds
Need 25,000 ventilators

NYS released a Public Service Announcement regarding applying for Unemployment Benefits

FAQ about Unemployment Benefits…/dol_unemploymentinsuran…

For Businesses - Guide to Cares Act…/F2CF1DD78E6D6C8C8C3BF58C6D1DDB…

New guidance confirms Horticulture Businesses (Landscaping) are classified as non-essential. Only greenhouses/nurseries selling food producing plants can operate. Link to guidance

Today's Numbers
220,880 tests/ 83,712 positive/ 12,226 hospitalized/ 3,022 icu/ 6,142 discharged/ 1,941 fatalities
37,190 tested/ 10,680 positive/ 268 hospitalized/ icu/ discharged/ 65 fatalities

In the Village we have 76 individuals who tested positive. It is important to note, the data regarding positive tests is delivered from NYS to Westchester County. Today there was a large influx of information from NYS that included data from multiple days. Inconsistencey in delivery of data means we should not draw conclusions comparing today's number to yesterday.

All are welcome to participate in NWH Update tomorrow, 4/2 4-5 pm. Facebook live at
or on the web at
Will also be broadcast on FIOS channel 20 and Altice channel 40


3/31/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

 The Governor spoke today about preparing for the “main battle” which is at the apex of the curve. In this battle there are two missions; preparing hospitals and the general public taking individual responsibility.

NYS has been preparing and securing the staffing, equipment and beds needed for our hospitals to be ready. Additionally he announced the formation of a hospital network team to facilitate a coordinated approach among all the state’s hospitals.

With reference to individual responsibility, the Governor indicated we must have discipline, be selfless and be informed. He also spoke about the importance of creating an acceptance of time exceptions. The current restrictions are not going to end soon. Projections indicate the apex can occur in 14 to 21 days. That will be the high point of cases. We will need to continue on this path as the numbers continue to reduce to a level that is manageable by the health care system.

All elections including Presidential primary, School Board and School Budget votes will move to June.

Pharmacies across NYS are offering free delivery of prescription medicines to assist customers and promote social distancing. Check with your local pharmacies for more details.

Today’s Numbers

205186 tested/ 75,975 positive/ 10,929 hospitalized/ 2,710 icu/ 4,975 discharged/ 1,550 fatalities/
35,623 tested/ 9,967 positive/ 275 hospitalized/ 25 fatalities

In Westchester 2.8% of those who test positive are currently hospitalized.

County Executive Latimer shared that larger municipalities with greater density have the most COVID cases. Ten communities with the most positive tests are 608 Yonkers, 378 New Rochelle, 304 Greenberg, 269 Mount Vernon, 170 White Plains, 153 Ossining, 150 Mount Pleasant, 123 Portchester, 120 Cortland, 105 Yorktown

56 Mount Kisco residents have tested positive.

The County Executive also shared that in response to reduced ridership, the Bee Line bus system will be running on a Saturday schedule, starting on Wednesday 4/1. Passengers will continue to enter from the rear door of the bus, and there will be no charge. Bus schedules at…/timetables-and-…

 Assemblyman David Buchwald shared information for small businesses that struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. You may be eligible for relief loans from the Small Business Administration. Applicants can also call SBA’s Customer Service Center at (800) 659-2955.

NYS opened a special enrollment period until April 15, for those who wish to obtain health insurance. For more information or to sign up, go the official New York State of Health website at this address:

On Thursday, 4/2 at 4-5 pm all are welcome to participate in a NWH Community Update on COVID-19. Executive Director Derek Anderson, Chief Medical Officer, Marla Koroly, MD, and Mayor Gina Picinich will share information and answer questions. Join the conversation at


3/30/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

As the numbers continue to rise, the Governor reinforced the most important message to the general public: STAY HOME.

The US Naval Medical ship US Comfort arrived in NYC. The Comfort provides 1,000 additional hospital beds, 1,200 personnel.

Hospital systems both public and private, from across NYS, met with the Governor today and agreed to implement a new balanced approach to fighting the virus. Hospitals that are beginning to reach or exceed capacity can transfer patients to other hospitals that are not as full. Hospitals across the state have also agreed to share staff and supplies.

The Governor made a request for healthcare workers from across the country to come help in NY if they can. He committed to return the favor in other states when they need help.…

Today's numbers
66,497 positive/ 9,517 hospitalized/ 2,352 ICU/ 4,204 discharged/ 1,218 fatalities
34,108 tests/ 9,326 positive/ 19 fatalities

50 individuals in the Village have tested positive.

County Executive Latimer shared that NYS modified the protocol for ending isolation for those who have recovered from COVID. People may end isolation if they have met all THREE of the following criteria:
- 7 days since first experiencing symptoms
- No fever for at least 72 hours without taking fever-reducing medication (such as Tylenol)
- Any respiratory symptoms such as coughing & difficulty breathing has improved

If you tested positive for COVID-19 review the FAQ from Westchester County:

Protocol for essential workers to return to work following COVID exposure or infection:…/COVID19EssenPersonnelRe…

County Center will be used for non-COVID patients.

NYS Attorney General Letitia James has online resources for Guidance on Coronavirus and Warnings about Consumer Scams. Topics include Consumer Protection Tips, Suspension of Debt Collection, Health Insurance questions and more:

Business Council of Westchester hosted a webinar on Federal stimulus legislation:


3/29/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

The Center for Disease Control issued a 14 day travel advisory urging no domestic travel to or from NY, CY & NJ.…/2019-…/travelers/travel-in-the-us.html

 Congresswoman Lowey shared more details on Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act…/house-passes-third-package-covid-…

The Governor extended NY PAUSE until April 15. Full details at

He also discussed the concept of a "rolling apex" in which the peak of COVID cases will be different in different communities and across the country depending on when the first case was identified and rate of spread. Based on the current rate of spread, they anticipate NYC will peak first then Westchester & Long Island followed by upstate. NYS is working with hospital systems to share and shift resources so individual hospitals are not overwhelmed.

NYS Department of Health has developed a less intrusive test. Should be available next week.

Today's Numbers
172,360 tests/ 59,513 positive/ 8,503 hospitalized/2,037 ICU/ 3,572 discharged/ 965 fatalities

32,513 tests/ 8,519 positive/

45 Mount Kisco residents have tested positive.

BCSD shared that students will have Spring Break 4/6-4/13.

During this challenging and stressful time we are grateful mental health professionals have volunteered to staff the NYS Emotional Support Hotline. 1-844-863-9314


3/28/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

The Governor announced NY presidential primary will be moved from April 28 to June 23.

Further guidance was provided confirming all non-essential construction must be suspended.

Continuing to prepare for NYS apex, four additional sites have been identified in NYS boroughs for Army Corps of Engineers to build temporary hospital facilities. This will add 4,000 hospital beds. Additionally, some hospitals in NYC have been identified only for COVID patients.

155,934 tested/ 52,318 positive/7,328 hospitalized/1,755 ICU/ 2,726 discharged/ 728 fatalities

31,103 tested/7,875 positive

Number hospitalized and entering ICU was less today than yesterday. Next few days will determine if it is a trend.

41 individuals in the Village have tested positive.

Important to note protocols have changed and doctors are now advising patients to recover at home assuming they have COVID. If symptoms become worse, individuals are being tested and further treated. As a result, many more people have the virus than the numbers reflect. This is true across NYS. It is estimated that between 40-80% of the poplulation will contrat the virus. 80% of those will self resolve, 20% will need more extensive care. Please, if you are sick, stay home.

Be healthy, be safe, and be accountable for your actions.


3/27/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Many have been asking about status at Northern Westchester Hospital. Executive Director, Derek Anderson shared that what started as a slow trickle of patients has become a steady flow. They are implementing their previously conceived surge plans and have presented additional plans to NYS to increase capacity by both 50% and 100%. Being part of the Northwell Health system ensures that their supply chain is not interrupted. They are closely managing supplies and report that hospital staff have the PPE and other supplies they need to effectively and safely do their jobs. Though they are well prepared for expected increase in cases, they are working in very active and intense conditions.

It is essential we all do our part to help them by maintaining the reduced density guidelines and ensuring the appropriate physical distance is maintained to limit the spread of the virus. NWH will be here for us. We have to do all we can to reduce their already heavy workload.

PLEASE remind your children, particularly teens, they should not be gathering. No organized sports in the park. No hanging out downtown.

Today the Governor announced schools across NYS will continue to be closed at least until April 15. They are required to provide distance learning, meals for those who qualify and childcare for essential workers. Big shout out to the BCSD. Overnight they put together plans to deliver services in a way they never have. Thank you BCSD faculty and staff.

NYS continues to prepare for the apex which could be in 14-21 days. Reduced density guidelines remain in place. Big focus is on expanding hospital capacity including adding temporary hospital facilities and creating a stockpile of needed equipment.

Today’s Numbers

138,376 tested/ 44,635 positive/ 6,481 hospitalized/ 1,583 ICU/ 2,045 discharged/ 519 fatalities

29,515 tested/ 7,187 positive/73 hospitalized/ 10 fatalities

34 individuals in the Village have tested positive.

County Executive Latimer shared that they are scouting sites for additional temporary hospitals as well as expanded testing sites.

Congressman Eliot Engel provided and overview of the $2 Trillion Stimulus package that was passed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives. It includes:

-Immediate direct cash payments of $1200 for every US resident with a social security number who makes up to $75,000 per year. The payment will reduce based on higher incomes up to $99,000. Also includes $500 per child
-$600 per week in unemployment insurance for laid-off workers in addition to state benefits for up to four months
-$500 billion in loans to distressed businesses
-$350 billion for small businesses to retain employees
-$100 billion for hospitals
- $10,000 tax credit for wages paid by businesses to incentivize keeping staff on payroll
-$3 billion in emergency funding for childcare
-$100 billion for hospitals and healthcare providers
-$150 billion relief fund for states
-$16 billion to acquire ventilators and other medical equipment

Ride Connect, part of Family Services of Westchester provides rides for seniors. They have expanded their services to include essential shopping for seniors such as groceries, and medication pick-ups. They are seeking volunteers. To help contact Maggie Traynor at (914) 760-2779 or

Wishing everyone a peaceful and healthy weekend.


3/26/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

As we travel through the Village we continue to observe that overall, people are following guidelines by staying home and distancing when in public. Thank you!

 We know many people in our community have been negatively impacted due to the closure of non-essential businesses. Below is link to apply for unemployment

Information about COVID-19 related sick leave in NYS is available at

Today the Governor spoke about the Public Health crisis and the Economic consequences.

To address the Healthcare crisis we continue on the current path. There is no scenario in which the existing hospital capacity will meet the expected need. As stated many times, this is why we need to slow the rate of the spread of the virus so as not to overwhelm the hospital system.

Big focus is on expanding hospital capacity. The goal to have 1000 bed overflow capacity in each of the 5 NYC boroughs, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk and Rockland.

Today's Numbers
18,650 tests/ 37,258 positives/ 5,327 hospitalized/1,290 icu/ 1,517 discharged/ 385 fatalities

26,288 tests/ 5,944 positives/ 56 people hospitalized/ 8 fatalities

23 individuals in Mount Kisco tested positive.

The Governor expressed concern that the $2 Trillion Stimulus bill passed by the Senate will not appropriately compensate NYS for the loss of revenue resulting from the crisis. The bill does include expanded unemployment benefits, direct payments to individuals, and loans for small businesses. More information will follow when the bill makes it's way through the House of Representatives.

Westchester County is working with school districts to provide childcare for essential workers. For more information contact

Westchester County is following NYS policies about releasing people from quarantine which requires 14 day isolation and 2 negative tests before being released to the public.

Westchester County parks are open.

Metro North is reducing service on Hudson, Harlem, and New Haven lines starting tomorrow.

Mount Kisco resident Laura Kelly created Restaurant Relief which is a website to purchase gift cards to support restaurants in northern Westchester.…


3/25/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

During this time of crisis and stress NYS set up an emotional support hotline. 1-844-863-9314 6,175 mental health professionals have volunteered to staff the support line. New Yorkers are amazing!

 Overall strategy continues to be to reduce the spread through aggressive testing and managing density and increasing hospital capacity, staffing, and equipment.

 Though the number of positive cases continues to increase, the Governor shared that data suggests density control may be working. The rate of hospitalizations was doubling every 3.4 days. More recently hospitalizations are doubling every 4.7 days.

It is essential that we all continue to stay at home and implement the necessary physical distance when in public. Staying the course will hopefully continue to reduce the rate at which hospitalizations are rising. THAT is the curve we are trying to flatten.

The modeling projects that we will need 140,000 hospital beds and 30,000 icu beds (with ventilators) when we reach the apex. Approximately 119, 000 hospital beds have been identified. 15,000 ventilators have been secured. NYS is continues to search and work closely with the Federal government to secure the balance needed. NYS is also looking at alternatives such as testing ways to split/share ventilators.

Personal Protective Equipment has been shipped to NYC, Westchester and Long Island. This should meet the current need. NYS continues to source PPE for future need.

40,000 healthcare professionals, including those who were retired and those who are accelerating their education, have stepped forward to be part of a "surge" workforce. These include physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants, nurse anesthetist and many more. New Yorkers are amazing!

The Governor raised concern that the bill before the Senate will not cover the financial expenditure made by NYS during this crisis. He is speaking with the NYS delegation to advocate for our financial needs.

Today's Numbers

30,811 positive/ 3,805 hospitalized/ 888 icu/ 285 fatalities
4691 positive

County Executive Latimer provided a breakdown of numbers by municipality.

Ardsley 3, Bedford 10, Briarcliff Manor 9, Bronxville 9, Buchanan 0, Cortlandt 31, Croton-on-Hudson 5, Dobbs Ferry 16, Eastchester 38, Elmsford 6, Greenburgh 63, Harrison 29, Hastings-on-Hudson 13, Irvington 8, Larchmont 13, Lewisboro 7, Mamaroneck Town 18, Mamaroneck Village 18, Mount Kisco 20, Mount Pleasant 32, Mount Vernon 89, New Castle 13, New Rochelle 234, North Castle 13, North Salem 2, Ossining Town 7, Ossining Village 47, Peekskill 26, Pelham 18, Pelham Manor 12, Pleasantville 14, Port Chester 51, Pound Ridge 1, Rye Brook 17, Rye City 15, Scarsdale 39, Sleepy Hollow 19, Somers 9, Tarrytown 15, Tuckahoe 7, White Plains 74, Yonkers 201, Yorktown 30

Westchester County set up an email to provide answers to you COVID-19 questions

Here in the Village, the Mount Kisco Volunteer Ambulance Corps and Mount Kisco Fire Department are on the front line. If you call 911 and are in need of the MKVAC or the Fire Department, please notify the operator if you have tested positive for COVID-19 so they can be prepared with the appropriate protective gear. We must work together to keep our volunteers safe and healthy to ensure the continuation of their essential services.

Thank you to Jennifer Kirstein Klar who created a website to keep everyone connected to our business community.…

New Yorkers are amazing!

3/24/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

From Northern Westchester Hospital

In response to numerous questions about how people can help, below is a link to NWH COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

Your gift of any size will:
-Purchase much needed Personal Protective Equipment and breathing machines for the very ill
-Help replenish our supply of over 200 N95 masks we use every day
-Supply food for front-line staff who spend countless hours every day caring for patients, leaving very little time to care for themselves.…
The Governor shared some new facts today. Rate of new cases is doubling every three days. That is a substantial increase in the rate of spread. This projects that at the height of infection (the apex) we will require 140,000 hospital beds which is an increase over the original projection. It is anticipated the apex will come in the next 14 to 21 days.

To slow the spread, NYS has implemented all possible options. We have increased testing to the highest level in the United States and the highest level per capita across the globe. NYS protocols

NYS is trying new drug therapies and are hoping for good outcomes.

NYS will continue with the current strategies and double efforts to expand hospital bed capacity to meet the expected increased need.

Personal Protective Equipment required to meet the current need is being shipped to healthcare facilities in NYC, Westchester and Long Island. NYS will continue to source more PPE for future need.

Greatest challenge currently is getting the ventilators needed for those who will become very ill. Projecting to need 40,000. The Governor implored the Federal government to send the equipment they currently have in storage.

NYS - How You Can Help…

Today's Numbers
91,270 tested/ 25,665 positive/ 3,234 hospitalized/ 756 ICU
17,966 tested / 3891 positive/

County Executive Latimer shared that locations in Westchester with the most cases are larger communities that have greater density.
New Rochelle 225
Yonkers 191
Greenburg 115
Mount Vernon 81
White Plains 65
Port Chester 45
Scarsdale 38
Eastchester 35
Ossining 35
Mount Pleasant 30
Yorktown 30

NYS confirmed 18 cases in the Village.

County Business Resources -

Westchester County Department of Social Services is working directly with low-income residents as individuals lose jobs and require benefits for their families. Also working with County homeless population. Contact

Westchester/United Way hotline 2-1-1
NYS hotline for testing requests: 888.364.3065
Westchester County COVID-19 hotline: 866.588.0195


3/23/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update


- 78,289 tested/ 20,875 positive/ 2,635 hospitalized/ 621 ICU/ 157 fatalities


- 14,684 tested/ 2894 positive/ 42 hospitalized/ 18 ICU/ 3 fatalities

 NYS verified 10 individuals in the Village tested positive.

Survival rate of those who contract the virus is about 98%

Plans are in place to reduce density.

Testing is being done at a higher level per capita than anywhere else.

More work to do to get the rate of spread to slow and hospital capacity up. NYS is working to increase hospital capacity using federal and local resources.

Personal Protective Equipment has been purchased by NYS and is being sent to locations in need. Actively searching for more.

Governor has assigned a team to begin planning how to get people back to work, to restart the economy and dovetail that with the public health plan.

Link to unemployment registration:

30,000 healthcare professionals who were retired, and medical students have registered to join the effort to combat the virus. Others can register at:

FDA has approved an experimental trial to use antibody injections to help stimulate and promote individuals' immune systems against the virus.

County Executive George Latimer joined us via phone at our Board of Trustees meeting tonight.

Bee Line Buses have implemented a rear door entry in an effort to keep passengers at a distance from drivers. All fees are waived.

County Department of Social Services will be available to delivering services remotely via phone and teleconference support.

County Parks remain open as are County Golf Courses. Park staff will actively remind all that they should be keeping the appropriate physical distance.

We have added a link on the Village Website COVID-19 Give Help/Get Help. Please let us know if additional resources or requests for assistance should be added to the list.…/villa…/give_help_get_help.php

Fox Senior Center presents exercise programs broadcast on Fios channel 40/ Altice channel 20 - Monday 9:20 am Tai Chi - Tuesday 10:30 am Chair Exercises for Seniors - Thursday 10:45 am Exercise & Dancing with Cameron. Can also watch


3/22/2020 -
Coronavirus/COVD-19 Update

The Governor asked us all to give thanks to everyday heroes including healthcare workers, grocers, pharmacists, police officers, firefighter and EMS volunteers, public transit workers, child care workers. We should add to this list local government staff who continue to deliver services in our beautiful Village.

Tonight the President shared that the Federal government is working closely with NYS (and others) to provide funding, supplies, and resources. This includes:

- Sending PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including masks, gowns and gloves
- Army Corps of Engineers will assist setting up hospital facilities
- FEMA resources will also contribute to expanding hospital facilities
- Medical ship heading to NYS
- Providing medicines for a drug trials
- Waiving 25% state contribution for FEMA funding

Federal government is working with companies across the county to produce needed supplies including PPE and ventilators.

Earlier today the Governor shared today's numbers -

NYS 61,401 tested / 15,168 positive / 1,974 hospitalized / 114 fatalities

Research on fatalities indicates 70% were 70 years old or older & majority had underlying conditions. 80% of the deaths under 70 years old had underlying condition.

Westchester 10,647 tested / 1900 positive / 2 fatalities

In the Village we have 6 positive tests confirmed by NYS.

FEMA will erect four 250 bed "hospitals" in the Javits Center. Army Corps of engineers will erect temporary hospital facilities in SUNY Stony Brook & Old Westbury and Westchester County Center

 Governor indicated the state is "scouring the globe" for PPE. He is asking the federal government to direct companies to produce and distribute materials as different states are currently competing for supplies.

The Governor called on the FDA to start approving serological testing to identify antibodies and determine if a person had COVID-19 already so they could return to work.

A Department of Health emergency order is requiring all hospitals to expand bed capacity 50-100%. All elective surgeries are cancelled as of 3/25.

Drug trials will begin Tuesday morning with a combination of drugs that "might" have a positive impact on treating COVID-19.

Non-essential businesses closed (for in-person services) at 8 pm tonight. Essential businesses like pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations and more will stay open. For a full list go to:

The Governor indicated what everyone is being asked to do is hard but it will be ok. All the necessary functions will continue and we will overcome this challenge.

General concept is if you are not an essential worker, work from home. Those not at risk can venture out for groceries or other necessities as well as solitary or family out door activity. Please remember to observe physical distance of at least 6 feet from others. The Village and the WCPD are working together to enforce the Governor's Executive orders. We will remind and educate as needed.

This is the time for us all to demonstrate the strength and compassion of our -community. We can do this!


3/21/2020 - Conronavirus/COVID-19 Update

NYS is taking aggressive action to help hospitals manage the expected surge in patients. This includes increasing hospital capacity, increasing staff, sourcing and purchasing personal protective equipment for healthcare staff and first responders.

NYS is working with Army Corps of Engineers to evaluate the following sites to convert to hospital facilities.

- Javitz Center
- SUNY Stony Brook
- SUNY Westbury
- Westchester County Center

NYS continues to work with the federal government to get disaster funding, supplies and resources. FEMA has made a major disaster declaration.

Based on recent research, Health Commissioner Zucker recommends drug trials with Hydroxychloroquine & Zithromax. FDA is acquiring 10,000 doses. We are expecting some in NY. No date determined.

NY is doing more testing than anywhere else. As a result our numbers will be higher than anywhere else.
The numbers:
45,437 tests
10,356 positive
1,603 hospitalized

The Governor noted 54% of NYS cases are 18-49 years old. We need to remind younger people that they can get the virus and they can carry the virus and put others in danger.

Westchester has 1,385 positive tests. Based on today's numbers, the increase in Westchester is slowing. We do not have additional information today for positive tests in Mount Kisco.

To add perspective, the Governor shared that there were 34,157 fatalities for the flue in 2018/19 season.

Executive Order signed today confirms density restrictions announced yesterday and adds the following actions:
- Extends driver’s licenses and registrations for vehicles (so expired registrations and licenses should no longer be enforced)
- All DMV appointments cancelled
- No evictions of either residential or commercial tenants
- Extends statutes of limitations for all civil actions until April 19, 2020;

NYS and Federal tax filings have been moved to July 15, 2020.

Mental health is a vital part of public health. NYS is asking psychologists and therapists to pitch in and volunteer their services to help. Stress and anxiety are very real.
To sign up, visit:

The Governor shared some opinions - It is important we all "Practice Humanity" through kindness, compassion, gentility and patience.


3/20/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Numbers for today:

NYS Tested 32,421 / Positive 7102 / Hospitalized 1255 / Fatalities 35
Westchester Tested 7176 / Positive 1091

 Will provide a further update when we have number of positive cases for the Village.

As hospitalization numbers continue to increase, the Governor announced further restrictions to decrease density.

All non-essential businesses must reduce their workforce by 100%, meaning that all not identified as essential business must be closed to public and have employees work from home. There will be civil fines and mandatory closures for businesses not in compliance.

List of essential businesses:

Requests for businesses to be designated as essential, who are NOT in the listed guidance should complete the following:…/Request%20for%20Designation%20Form_0.p…

Any business that has the capacity to produce masks, gowns and other protective gear for healthcare workers and first responders should contact Empire State Development Corp - 212 803-3100

NYS is working with providers to source supplies and ventilators. They will pay a premium. Contact Executive Office 646 522-8477

The Governor also announced that all residential and commercial evictions are on hold for 90 days.

The Governor is asking for everyone to PAUSE (Policies Assure Uniform Safety for Everyone.)
Guidance for those at risk:
- Remain indoors except for solitary exercise outside.
- Pre-screen all visitors by taking temperature.
- All who are vulnerable should wear a mask in the presence of others.
- To the greatest extent possible all those in the presence of vulnerable people should wear a mask.
- Always stay at least 6 feet from other people.
- Do not take public transportation unless urgent and absolutely necessary.

Guidance for all others:
- Non-essential gatherings of any number of people for any reason must be cancelled or postponed.
- Any concentration of individuals outside of the home should only be essentials workers practicing social distance.
- Businesses that provide essential services must implement 6 foot social distancing practices.
- Outdoor recreation should be limited to non-contact activities.
- When in public, practice social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet from others.
- Only use public transportation when absolutely necessary.
- Sick individuals should not leave their home unless to receive medical care as directed by their healthcare provider.
- Young people should also practice social distancing.


3/19/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Numbers today:
NYS tested 22,284 / Positive 4152 / Hospitalized 777
Westchester 5964/ Positive 798

Data we received today indicates just one Village resident tested positive. However, there is a delay in data being sent from NYS to the County. We believe there are two other cases who are isolating at home.

The Governor is requiring further density reduction indicating that non-essential businesses must decrease their in-office workforce by 75%.

Additionally, retail shopping malls, amusement parks and bowling alleys must close by 8 PM Thursday in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania

He also announced Mortgage Relief for Financial Hardship:
-Waive mortgage payments based on hardship
-No negative reporting to credit bureaus
-Grace period for loan modification
-No late payment or online payment fees
-Postposing or suspending foreclosures

To provide additional relief, he is ordering fees for overdrafts, ATMs & credit cards be waived.

In cooperation with NYS and Westchester County School Districts, County Executive Latimer announced that Westchester school districts will be providing childcare for healthcare workers and first responders. Mount Kisco Elementary school will be the location for the Bedford Central School District. The drop-off program hours are 8 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. Those who would like to use the service must provide proof of employment (such as work ID). Contact the school district for further details.

Link to sign-up for updates from NYS


3/18/2020 - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Numbers released today show a large increases in those who tested positive in NYS and in Westchester.

NYS Tested - 14,597 / Positive - 2,382 / Hospitalized 549
Westchester Tested - 4106 / Positive - 538

We have one confirmed case in the Village. That person is recovering at home. We suspect there are more but have not yet received confirmation from NYS.

Facts and data are driving decisions to further reduce density. To this end, the Governor announced he will be signing an executive order directing non-essential businesses to decrease their in-office workforce by 50%. Exemptions from the order will include shipping, media, warehousing, grocery and food production, pharmacies, healthcare providers, utilities, banks and related financial institutions

In an effort to further reduce density, retail shopping malls, amusement parks and bowling alleys must close by 8 PM Thursday in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

In the Governor’s Executive Order, he superceded the power of local officials to close businesses. Decision-making regarding closures is now a gubernatorial power. He indicated that facts and data will dictate when/if more closures are necessary. He is coordinating with NJ, CT and PA.

Some good news:
The Federal government sent the Army Corp of Engineers and other agencies to NY to assist with preparing temporary hospital facilities. Additionally, the USNS Comfort, a 1,000 bed hospital ship, will be deployed to New York harbor to increase New York's hospital surge capacity.

The Governor signed a bill guaranteeing job protection and pay for New Yorkers who have been quarantined as a result of novel coronavirus.

Northern Westchester Hospital is implementing a surge capacity plan to manage the expected influx of patients.

The IRS announced that though taxes must be filed by April 15, they are extending the deadline to make payments to July 15.

108 patients in NY have recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

We ask that all remember the objective of reducing density and maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet is to slow the spread of the virus so as not to overwhelm our healthcare system. We need EVERYONE to do their part to keep our community safe and healthy.




3/17/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today, in cooperation with Connecticut and New Jersey, the Governor declared all bars, gyms, theaters, casinos and restaurants will be closed as of 8 pm on 3/16 until further notice. Take-out and delivery can be ordered during the period of closure.

Gatherings of 50 people or more are not permitted.

All schools in NYS will be closed by 3/18 for two weeks ending April 1.

NYS advised that only businesses that are essential stay open including groceries, take out food service, gas stations, pharmacies, and medical facilities.

New York State will waive all park fees in state, local and county parks.

Westchester County Executive Latimer declared a State of Emergency.

Boys and Girls Club will be closed until further noticed.

The Bedford Central School District will distribute meals to those who are eligible. The schedule for distribution is Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 am -1:00 pm at the Mount Kisco Elementary School bus loop. Each student will need to provide name and school of attendance for record keeping.

Residents who are registered and participate in the Dietary and Recreation programs at the J. Edward Fox Senior Center can receive lunch at home. If you have not already made arrangements contact 666-8931.

Trash and recycling collection will continue in accordance with the standard schedule.

Full list of who to contact for other Village services is available at:

3/15/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

Today the Governor shared that the objective of “reducing the curve” is to slow the rate in which people contract the virus so as not to overwhelm the healthcare system. Many people will test positive for the virus. 80% will self resolve. 20% will need a level of medical intervention. Populations at risk continue to be seniors, those that are immune compromised and those with underlying conditions.

NYS is track cases and identify clusters to respond to those with the greatest need.
NYS - Data
Tested - 5272
Tested Positive - 729
Hospitalized - 137
Fatalities - 3 (all with pre-exiting conditions)

Testing capacity has increased. Need federal approval for automated testing which would enable a far greater number of tests.

Density reduction is focused on eliminating large gatherings and reducing social contacts. Request was made for private business to permit employees to work from home when possible and consider voluntary closings.

School closures have occurred in many districts. There is a need to address childcare and meals for those who are eligible.

Hospital capacity is concerning. NYS is requesting assistance from federal government to help transform other facilities (such as school dorms) to hospitals to prepare for expected influx of patients.

The Village is transitioning services where possible, to at home and online. This includes senior programs and library services.

The Saw Mill Club is awaiting further instructions from the County Department of Health. Members who were at Saw Mill Cub East in the morning of Wednesday, 3/11 and are exhibiting symptoms of the virus should contact 866 588-0195. NYS Department of Health COVID-19 Hotline is 888 364-3065

Those who are higher risk if contracting the virus should review the following information from the CDC…/specifi…/high-risk-complications.html…

3/13/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

 The Governor signed Executive Orders and is working with various agencies to ease the burden on those who are impacted financially from the virus:

- Waived 7 day wait period for those seeking unemployment.
- Public Service Commission halting turn off for unpaid utilities.
- Waived 180 school days required for schools to receive state funding.


To date 3000 patients have been tested in NYS. Increased capacity is expected to accommodate 6000 per day.

NYS is ensuring hospitals across the state have the capacity and staffing to handle the increase in cases that is anticipated.

In Westchester a total of 158 have tested positive. 5 people are hospitalized. No deaths reported.

Drive thru testing began in New Rochelle. An appointment is required. Phone 888-364-3065. Callers will be evaluated to determine if testing is needed.

In a unified effort with school districts across Westchester, the Bedford Central School District announced it will be closed until 4/3. Distance learning will begin for students 3/17. Breakfast and lunch for those who qualify, will be available at pick up locations. More details will be available next week.

In the Village, we have reviewed contingency plans to ensure the delivery of essential services. Thought no cases have yet been reported in the Village, we will begin to modify programs to promote the social distance needed to slow the spread of the virus.

It has been a challenging week for everyone. We are facing unprecedented circumstances and daily uncertainty as news headlines and conversations generate concern. As institutions are closing to limit risk, we must all remember that the vast majority have immune systems capable of fighting the virus. As such, it is important that we all turn our concern outward to those who are at greater risk.

Please abide by the simple CDC guidelines:
- Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
- Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
- Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
- Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
- Stay home when you are sick and phone your healthcare provider for instructions.

3/12/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update #2

Governor's update today discussed an overall Healthcare Emergency Response System to reduce the spread of the virus and treat those that are ill. The bottomline summary is more testing, reduce density, be sure the hospitals are ready.

To reduce spread, NYS is working to substantially increase testing capacity with a goal of 5,000 tests per day. This will enable identification, isolation and treatment of those impacted.

A new restriction has been put in place to decrease population density limiting public gatherings of 500 or more. This includes sports venues and theaters. Broadway theaters have been closed.

To treat those who are infected, NYS is planning for hospital "surge capacity" by assessing all current facilities and how they can be expanded. Also identifying reserve healthcare professionals including those who retired and national guard medics.

The Bedford Central School District sent a message indicating:
Deep cleaning of our facilities and buses is ongoing. We are finalizing our plans for extended or distance learning opportunities in the event that a prolonged closure becomes necessary. We are working closely with Westchester County and the Department of Health to determine next steps to keep our community safe.

The SAT originally scheduled to be given at FLHS this Saturday, March 14th has been postponed and will instead be administered on March 28th.


3/12/2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update #1

As the Governor indicated yesterday, we can expect to see the number of identified COVID-19 cases in NY increase. As such, it was not a surprise when we received the information from leadership at Northern Westchester Hospital that the Northwell Health Core Lab confirmed 3 patients have tested positive for COVID-19. One patient is currently in isolation at NWH and two are at home recovering.

All staff currently caring for the patients are following CDC guidelines and Northwell’s recommended clinical protocols. NWH is confident their precautionary measures minimize the risk to staff and other patients.

They have implemented strong clinical and operational protocols designed to quickly identify potential COVID-19 patients, isolate them appropriately, prevent transmission of infections and protect front-line caregivers from potential exposure.

With the resources of Northwell Health, NWH is well-positioned to respond to the needs of our community. To this end it is important to note NWH has:
- Instituted new visitor guidelines. Updated visitation guidelines are posted on their website check
- Temporarily suspended NWH Volunteer Program
- Issued a Mask Mandate for all staff when in Emergency Department, Cancer Center, GoHealth Urgent Care Centers and Northwell EMS units.
- Cancelled all external events through May 5. All events held on the NWH campus with over 20 attendees are cancelled through May 5.