Beautification Committee Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean Up time is here once again and the Beautification Committee is asking civic organizations to volunteer to help pick up litter in the following areas listed below.

Please select an area before May 10th and contact Cece Yozzi at 914-666-5396 to confirm the location so that each spot on this list is covered and there are no duplications. Please provide me with the contact person and telephone number for your organization. Please note that trash bags and gloves will be provided, and that the Village of Mount Kisco has insurance which covers volunteers. Please arrange with your group to complete the clean up by May 29th so that the Village will be litter-free for the Annual Memorial Day Parade, which will be held on, May 30th.

  • Kisco Avenue/Parkway entrances/exits - select either the east side or the west side.
  • Kisco Avenue/Parkway to Preston Way - both sides.
  • Kisco Avenue/Preston Way to Rt. 133 - both sides.
  • Preston Way/Kisco Avenue to Rt. 117 - both sides.
  • Route133/KiscoAvenuto South Moger Avenutraffilight-bothsides.
  • Kirby Plaza
  • South Moger Avenue Parking Lot.
  • Lexington Avenue, Select Leito Drive to Moore Ave. or Police Station to Moore Ave.
  • Lexington Avenue, Moore Ave. to 117 - select either the east side or the west side.
  • Main Street, Moore Ave. to Lexington - both sides.
  • Main St- Moore Ave. to Crane's Furniture - both sides.
  • Radio Circle
  • BlackebyParkingLot.
  • Police Station and Justice Court House.
  • Route 117/Route 133 to Barker Street - select either the east side or the west side.
  • Route 117/Barker Street to Preston Way - select either the east side or the west side.


The Beautification Committee looks forward to hearing from you!