Conservation Advisory Council

Village/Town of Mount Kisco    
104 Main Street    
Mount Kisco, NY   10549    
Harry McCartney   12/2/2024
John Rhodes, Chairperson   12/2/2024
Alan Antin   12/2/2024
Robin Buco   12/2/2024
Mark von Holstein   12/2/2024
Zachary Strauss   12/7/2025

Meeting Agendas & Meeting Minutes

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Conservation Advisory Council
The Conservation Advisory Council is to consist of nine members appointed by the Village Board of Trustees for terms of two years.  The Council's primary mission is to advise in the development, management, and protection of the Village of Mount Kisco's natural resources.  In the fulfillment of that mission the Council may or shall conduct the following:

  • Research in the land area of the Village.
  • Seek to coordinate the activities of the unofficial bodies organized for similar purposes and to cooperate with other official municipal bodies active in the area of community planning for the Village.
  • Advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets, which in its judgment it deems necessary for its work.
  • Shall keep an inventory and map as defined in section two hundred thirty-nine-y of Article 12-F of the Laws of the State of New York, of all open areas within the Village with the plan of obtaining information pertinent to proper utilization of such open lands including lands owned by the State, any other municipality within the State, or by the Village itself.
  • Shall keep an inventory and map of all open marsh lands, swamps, and all other wet lands in a like manner, and may recommend to the Village Board of Trustees a program for ecologically suitable utilization of all such areas.
  • Shall keep accurate records of its meetings and actions and shall file an annual report with the Village Board of Trustees on or before the thirty-first day of December of each and every year. Once approved, the Village Board of Trustees shall forward a copy of this report to the State Commissioner of Environmental Conservation.
In addition to the foregoing, carry out any other duties, tasks, or responsibilities, consistent with the objectives of Article 12-F of the Laws of the State of New York, assigned to it by resolution of the Village Board of Trustees.