Architectural Review Board

 Contact:  Bill Seegmuller
   Assistant Building Inspector
 Phone:  914-864-0019
 Fax:  914-864-1085
 Meetings:  3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Village Hall Board Room
   Submission deadline: 1st Wednesday of each month

Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes

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Members (3 year term)

 Name  Title  Term
 Daniel Loughney  Chairperson  12/1/25
 Nicholas Bagley  Member  12/1/25
 Daniel Gagliardi  Member  12/1/25
 Andy Gonzalez  Member  12/1/25
 James Vallejos  Member  12/1/25

Architectural Review Board

The Architectural Review Board consists of five persons appointed by the Village Board of Trustees, whom serve in a volunteer capacity. ~~Their charge is to consider the appropriateness of proposed building, structure alterations or additions in relation to the established character of other structures in the immediate area and with respect to significant architectural features. ~In addition to the aesthetics of building construction, the Architectural Review Board is also responsible for reviewing and approving proposed signage in accordance with the Village's sign ordinance.

In order to be placed on an ARB Agenda, a complete, notarized application, including the property owner's authorization and seven (7) sets of required drawings must be submitted no later than the first (1st) Wednesday of each month (approximately 15 days prior) to a scheduled meeting.

All applications to construct new commercial buildings, expand, or otherwise alter the exterior of existing buildings shall be accompanied by a complete set of elevations and plot plans in the quantity specified (7 sets).

All applications to construct new residential buildings or to alter only the street façade of a single-family residence shall be accompanied by a complete set of elevations and plot plans in the quantity specified (7 sets). In the case of an alteration, the elevations should show how the proposed alteration blends into the existing architecture.

Applicants or their agent must appear before the Board to present their application for review and approval. ~The Architectural Review Board may dismiss any application it deems incomplete and/or lacking in pertinent information. The Architectural Review Board also retains the right of progress review through the completion of the project.

Once an application has been approved by the Architectural Review Board, building and/or sign permits may be pursued with the Building Department.