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Water and Sewer bills are mailed out quarterly.  The billing date begins the first day of each quarter and is due the last day of each quarter.  If the last day of the quarter lands on a Saturday or Sunday, the due date will be on the first Monday following (ie. Due March 1, 2021 because February 28, 2021 lands on a Sunday).  If a due date falls on a holiday, the due date would be the date after (ie. August 31, 2019 falls on a Saturday and September 2, 2019 is Labor Day, the water bill would be due that Tuesday, September 3, 2019).

The billing quarter months are as follows:


The billing periods cover the following time frame:
February (beginning/middle of September through beginning/middle of December)
May (middle/end of December through beginning/middle of May)
August (middle/end of May through beginning/middle of June)
November (middle/end of June through beginning/middle of September)

If you do not receive your water bill, please contact vsimoncini@mountkiscony.gov

You have multiple ways to pay your bill.  You can come into the office and pay over the counter by cash or check ONLY.  You can mail your check to 104 Main Street, Mount Kisco, New York 10549 or to our lockbox at Village of Mount Kisco Water Department, PO Box 0964, Bridgeport Connecticut 06601-0964.  We now offer online water payments, you can find the link on our website at www.mountkiscony.gov.  We also offer an EZ payment authorization program.  We can take your water payment directly out of your bank account on the 20th of each billing quarter (if the 20th falls on a weekend, the payment will be deducted the following Monday).

Water/ Sewer Billing Rates

Water Consumption Rates for metered sale of water within the corporate limited of the Village:

Quarterly Consumption
(cubic feet)

(per thousand cubic feet)

0 to 2,000cf (conservation rate)


2,001 to 3,500cf

(Includes multi-residential only units such as condo’s/co-ops/apartments)

$77.39 (for consumption > 2,000cf)

3,501 to 5,000cf

$84.45 (for consumption > 3,500cf)

5,001 to 7,500cf

$91.48 (for consumption > 5,000cf)

Over 7,501cf

$98.52 (for consumption > 7,500cf)

Over 5,001cf
For commercial and industrial only use

$87.94 (for consumption > 5,000cf)

Approximately 39% of your water bill is for principal and interest payments on bonded debt.  Rates for metered sales of water outside the corporate limited of the Village are double the above rates.

Sewer Rates for sewer service charges within the corporate limits of the Village:

Quarterly Consumption

(per thousand cubic feet)

Residential                                        Commercial

0 to 2,000cf



2,001 to 3,500cf



3,501 to 5,000cf



5,001 to 7,500cf



Over 7,501cf



Over 5,00cf for commercial and industrial use only




Rates outside the corporate limited of the Village are double the above rates.

Water Meter Service Fee

 Residential Customers $7.50 per each residential unit

Residential Customers $12.00 for single residential home with 1” meter

Non-Residential Customers (Commercial, industrial, etc.)

Meter Size

Meter Service Fee

Meter Size

Meter Service Fee









1 ¼”




1 ½”








Both non-residential and residential use on one meter shall be subject to a charge for the meter based on the meter size above, $7.50 for each residential unit feeding from the meter.

Note: No additional charge for each additional non-residential user feeding from the meter.

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Our Byram Lake Water Filtration Plant and the Leonard Park Well Fields are operated by Veolia (formerly Suez). The Village/Town of Mount Kisco Water Department has a commitment to remain vigilant in meeting the challenges of source water protection, water conservation and community education, while continuing to serve the needs of all our water users.  If you would like to receive e-mail alerts regarding water main breaks or water quality issues, please sign up from the home page of the Village website.