2019 Fire Department Construction Ballot Proposition

76507_PatchArtworkBallot Proposition #1 -  request for total of $14.25 million for fire house renovations.

In 2017, voters approved $10.25 million for the renovations. With the voters’ approval, the Village has taken a bond for this amount to pay for construction costs.  Errors were made in the calculations for the initial quote. When bids were returned for the Green Street Station in early 2019, they were substantially higher than the budget. Revised estimates revealed an error in calculating the project size. Additionally, changes in the construction market drove up costs. The cost to construct the initially envisioned project is estimated to be approximately $18 million, not $10.25 million.

The Fire Department is asking for an additional $4 million. The revised estimates indicated a total of approximately $18 million was required to fund the full scope of the project as initially envisioned. After much consideration, the Fire Department has decided to reduce the scope of the project. They are refocused on the urgent need to modernize the existing structures for code compliance, health and safety against cross contamination and cancer, improved energy efficiency, and affordable expansion to accommodate equipment. The need for additional training and office space will be met with overlapping uses and possible reuse or reconfiguration of existing facilities. Also, training and office space could be met with potential partnerships with other facilities within the Village.

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