Additional Services

In addition to tax collection there are additional services available in the Receiver of Tax office:

Dog Licenses are available for the following fees:
  • $10.00 for neutered dogs,
  • $18.00 for unneutered dogs.
  • Senior Citizens (over 60) will be charged $3.00

Dumpster Permits are required when a dumpster will be occupying parking spaces. You can apply for these permits at the Engineering Office in the Building Department.

Byram Lake (only) Fishing/Boating Permits are available for the following fees:

  • Residents and *Eligible Residents ONLY (*North Castle) - $20 for fishing/$40 for boating;
  • *Eligible Non-Residents ONLY (*New Castle and Bedford) - $50.00 fishing/$100.00 boating;
  • Senior Residents and *Senior Eligible Residents ONLY (*North Castle) Senior Citizens $10 for fishing/$20 for boating.

Two passport size photos, a valid NYS fishing license and a current DEP license is required to obtain the Fishing/Boating Permit.

Leaf Bags - Leaves and grass clippings must be placed in a biodegradable bag. The bags cost $5.00 for 9 bags.

Metal/Freon Stickers are required for placing refrigerators, air conditioners and bulk metals at the curb for pickup by the Highway Department. The stickers are available at a cost of $10.00.

Notary Public - Several applications and forms used in the Village require notarization. Notary Public's are available in Village Hall.

Recyclable Bins are available for $10.00 each.

Voter Registration Applications and Absentee Ballot Forms are available in the Receiver’s Office.