General Recycling Information

Every person in the Village is responsible for separating recyclables from solid waste.  Your garbage and rubbish containers should be insect, vermin and rodent proof.  All containers should be durable, watertight, structurally strong, easily filled, emptied and cleaned and equipped with tight-fitting lids.

Property owners with bulk storage containers must maintain their containers at a location that has been approved by the Village Manager and Building Inspector.  They must also ensure that all bulk containers have self-closing lids or have the lids closed at ALL TIMES.  Owners of multi-tenanted buildings must also provide an educational program for the residents of the buildings on the matter in which source-separated materials are to be prepared for collection.
      Recyclables (glass, plastic and metal) are picked up on Mondays for ALL residents.
      Newspapers, Cardboard, Magazine & Junk mail are picked up on:
                   Tuesdays for those with Thursday garbage collection
                   Wednesdays for those with Friday garbage collection
      Please place these items at the curb.

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For additional questions, comments or concerns, contact the Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities:
                              Recycling HelpLine 7 days a week 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.     914-813-5425
                              Department of Environmental Facilities                                        914-813-5400



Do Recycle
Clear, green or brown glass jars and bottles, any size
Remove all caps.  Discard plastic caps in the garbage.  Place metal caps and rinsed glass jars and bottles in the same recycling bin with the plastic and metal containers.  Labels do no need to be removed.
Don’t Recycle
Glass that is not used for food or beverages such as light bulbs, drinking glasses, crystal, window and mirror glass, ceramic ware, kitchen cookware, pesticide/herbicide bottles, etc.  Place these items in the garbage.



Do Recycle
Plastic containers coded 1 through 7 on the bottom, commonly used for food, beverages, detergents, household cleaners and shampoos.
Containers should be rinsed out but labels need not be removed.  Place them in the recycling bin with glass and metal  containers.
Don’t Recycle
Five-gallon plastic pails, foam plastic materials, film plastic, plastic bags and flower pots, regardless of their recycling code.

Metal Containers:

Do Recycle
Food and beverage cans, clean aluminum foil and trays and all empty aerosol cans
Containers should be rinsed out but labels need not be removed.  Place them in the recycling bin with glass and plastic containers.
Don’t Recycle
Conventional paint cans or metal containers that were filled with potentially hazardous materials such as pesticides, glues or solvents are not recyclable.  Do not place bulk metal items like appliances at the curb.

Corrugated Cardboard & Brown Paper Bags:

Do Recycle
Corrugated cardboard boxes and brown paper bags
Cardboard must be cleaned of excessive amounts of plastic and adhesive tape.  Flatten and tie boxes and bags with string or place all flattened corrugated boxes inside another corrugated cardboard box.  Place all brown bags inside another brown bag.  There is no need to remove staples.
Don’t Recycle
Waxed cardboard and gray cardboard (such as cereal, pizza boxes, tissue boxes and towel rollers, plastic and styrofoam packing materials are not recyclable.  Please put these items in the garbage.

Newspapers, Magazines, Junk Mail & Phone Books:

Do Recycle
All weekly and daily newspapers, including their glossy inserts.  Recycle all outdated phone books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, colored and glossy periodicals and junk mail (letters, all types of envelopes, promotional advertisements, etc.)
Place these items in a brown paper bag, loose in the recycling bin or ties with twine.
Don’t Recycle
Don't place in plastic bags.  Don't recycle paperback or hardcover book.  Try donating books to a library or charity.

New 15 Gallon blue recycling bins are available.  If you do not have a recycling bin, you may pick on up at the Village Hall Tax Office located at 104 Main Street - $10.00 for each bin.

License Plate Recycling Program:
Old "Liberty" plates should be recycled.  Cross out the plate numbers with a permanent marker and place the plates in your recycling bin.  For further information please log on to the DMV website.