Building and Code

Contact: Peter J. Miley  
  Building Inspector  
  William Seegmuller  
  Assistant Building Inspector  
  Michelle Russo (914) 864-0022
   Senior Office Assistant (Office Manager)   
  Building Department Secretary (914) 864-0019
  Yvonne Henriquez - Office Assistant  Spanish Speaking  
  Fire Safety Program Administrator (914) 864-1083
   Deborah Brunner-  Office Assistant   
Address: Village Hall (1st Floor)  
  104 Main Street  
  Mount Kisco, NY  10549  
Phone: (914) 864-0019  
Fax: (914) 864-1085  
COMPLAINT HOTLINE: (914) 354-5385  
Hours:   Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm  
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Name  Title  Phone
Michelle Russo  Acting Board Secretary, Planning & Zoning
 (914) 864-0022
Ted Ferrara  Fire Inspector  (914) 864-0025
Henry Senno  Fire Inspector  (914) 864-0018
Carl Strome Code Enforcement Officer  (914) 819-7691
Patti Tipa  Special Projects  (914) 864-0053


The Building Department provides many services to the residents and property owners of the Village of Mount Kisco. The Building Department maintains a variety of information for each property in the Village. Building permits, plans, certificates of occupancy and surveys are just some of the documents that may be available in the Building Department. The Building Inspector is responsible for the enforcement of the Village Code as it pertains to its zoning law, subdivision and site plan compliance, signs, wetlands, as well as the NYS Building and Fire Prevention Code. The Building Inspector receives and reviews all plans for building, plumbing and sign installations and then issues the required permits for these projects. Throughout the building process, the Building Inspector will conduct various inspections to ensure compliance with building permits. When a project has been completed and has all the proper documentation, the Building Inspector issues certificates of occupancy and compliance to close out permits.

The Building Department is also the principal code enforcement agency of the Village for many non-police matters. In addition to enforcing local zoning and the N.Y.S. Uniform Building and Fire Prevention Codes, which regulate the use and occupancy of private land and structures, the Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer, and Fire Inspectors are responsible for the enforcement of various other Village Code regulations. The Code Enforcement Officer is primarily responsible for the enforcement of local laws related to exterior property maintenance such as garbage, rubbish, recycling and refuse, street and sidewalk cleaning and maintenance (including snow removal); posting of signs in public rights-of-way and distribution of flyers and handbills. The Fire Inspectors are responsible for the enforcement of the New York Fire Prevention and Building Code as it pertains to places of public assembly, business establishments, manufacturing sites and multiple residential dwellings.