Services Available

Assessed Value: The assessed value reflects a percentage of current market values. The assessment roll lists the assessed value for each parcel in the Village, organized by a parcel identification number, a number unique to each parcel. Cross references are available by property owner and property location to help locate the parcel identification number. In addition to the assessment, the assessment roll lists the type of property, property size and any exemptions currently being received by the owner.

Property Record Cards: There is an inventory card for all real property with each municipality. The data on the property card includes but is not limited to detailed information on the improvements located on the property, such as the inventory of rooms, bedrooms, baths and unique features of the property.~ Additional information includes sales history, building permit numbers and a sketch of the building(s) footprint, complete with interior square footage area.

Deeds: The Village, while not required by law to maintain deeds, as a service to our taxpayers, has deeds for most properties on file in the Assessors office.

Maps: Tax maps indicate the location and dimensions of each parcel.

Sales Data: Sales and transfer records are recorded at the county level and at the local level through this office. In addition to being recorded on the individual property record cards, this office also maintains sales files by year and by property type for your convenience.